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I figured I should post about this and explain my thinking. Up on the navigation bar you will see “Store” has replaced Hunter macros. The macro page, according to Google Analytics didn’t generate a lot of hits, probably because many of the macros are readily available elsewhere.

QQ LogoI decided that before I put ads up on the site, I would try this option as well. Starting out simple, I created a simple Cafepress store to gauge any desire there might be for QQ merchandise. For now, the only design available is the QQ logo. It’s simple, it’s to the point. On any of the t-shirts, the back has the “pwn more” slogan as well as the URL.

I plan to add additional designs, but not quite yet. In the past I read about concerns about Cafepress quality. Some said it was no better than iron-ons you can do at home. And on the other side of the coin, I recall reading about Cafepress addressing those concerns and increasing the quality of their products.

As I wouldn’t have anyone pay for crappy products, my wife and I are ordering a couple of the shirts in order to see the shirt quality first hand. If it ends up the products are not at the level we were hoping for, we will explore other services.

But if you know Cafepress has increased their quality and you have the means (it’s tough times for a lot of folks) and desire to support the site, check out the new QQ store.

On WoW-related news . . . we are still trying to get a character copy to the PTR. Ever since they went up, all we ever get is the message that the character copy queue is full. :(

Thanks again for your continued support of the site! Any other thoughts, comments, etc. Post ‘em!

ADDITION: This just in. Make sure you stop by Resto4life and give your congratulations and your good-byes to one of the most outstanding members of the WoW blogging community.

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