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No, this isn’t a post about declaring how good I am at anything. That is the name of the new guild I joined. After WORK disbanded I received a few tells about various guilds. Weezzii, a frequent commenter here, even had a very appealing offer for me to transfer servers. Zenge, from Encore here on Illidan, was very willing to help me find a guild, including theirs. But ultimately their raid schedule wouldn’t work with mine.

I was approached by one of the member’s from Really Good At This Game, and when I was talking to them one of my first questions was about raid schedules. Monday through Thursday. Perfect. Filled out an app on their site and had a little chat with a couple officers and got invited.

Of course it doesn’t take 4 days to clear the current content, but those are the days they raid when Ulduar hits. In fact, they have plans for some PTR raiding as well, so I copied Drotara over.

I’ll be honest. I’ve never been a true applicant for any guild. I’ve always been a founding member or actively pursued by a guild to join them. I didn’t go out of my way to make it this way, it’s just how it ended up. So Tuesday I will most likely be accompanying them to heroic Naxx to prove my ability to play the class.

There was more to me joining Really Good At This Game than just a good raid schedule. The past 2 guilds I’ve joined have been new. I’ve either signed the charter or joined shortly after. And while running your own guild or helping run one can be rewarding, as I am sure Mattycus can tell you, sometimes you don’t want to. Really Good at This Game has been around for a while at least. I’ve seen their players and know that the ones I’ve seen are…well, really good at this game. I wanted to find a stable raid environment with a guild that was teetering on the brink of destruction.

On another note my Priest finally hit 80 last night. That’s right, I got an alt to the current level cap. I promptly specced Holy and have been looking for dungeons to heal ever since.

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