Raid Recap: 25-man Naxx and Malygos

I am sure you guys are tired of linked WWS reports but I wanted to do this one at least, as it was my first raid with Really Good At This Game. I was eager to see how I compared to their DPS as a lot of them are sporting Twilight Vanquisher or Undying titles.

So to start the WWS is right here.

I started off a bit worried, as Anub’rekhan I only managed 4200 DPS, getting beaten out by one of their Hunters and Jardizzil (the Warrior who originally contacted me about joining. Grand Widow Faerlina was even worse! Whatever I did, it wasn’t good as I only pulled up the number 9 slot. Nine! Slackin’ off I tell ya!

I wasn’t too worried about Maexxna as the Hunters were on web duty. And I’ll tell you, placing Volley on that web without being able to see the targeting reticle sucks. But the night got better from there.

Patchwerk brought my numbers back up to a solid 5200 but I got trounced by their two beasts of Warriors and a Death Knight. The rest of the night I was quite happy with my shot weaving. I was overly cautious on some fights, like Kel’thuzad and actively pulled Khagan back because I didn’t want to be the one to chain an Ice Tomb.
I did pick up a couple achievements I didn’t have as well. The Hundred Club on heroic and Momma Said Knock You Out.

Most people tend to be overly cautious with a new guild. You want to make sure you show them what you are capable of, but you don’t want to be so over-zealous you screw up. It’s a fine line to walk. But now I know so I am hoping for a strong performance next week.

I finally was able to be apart of a 25-man Malygos kill. That joy was two-fold. One, finally being able to kill him on heroic. And two, being able to finally complete that friggin’ quest to get my Favor of the Dragon Queen. OK, three-fold. and being able to show that I knew what the crap I was doing. :)

All in all, a strong night. Hopefully they were happy with my performance.

Well, that’s all for today. Thoughts, comments, etc. Post ‘em!

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