PTR: Holy HP Gorillaman!

So I logged on to the PTR this morning after being unable to sleep. I figure I would test some BM action and check out some other pet talents. Here is what you will find on your tanking pets:

New Pet Talent: Silverback

Right now Marksmanship is busted as the new bleed effect only ticks for 1 damage so it’s hard to gauge how that is going to work. But without regemming, during one DPS cycle I managed to do 3600 DPS on the raid dummy without any buffs with Khagan contributing more of that than I did! Regemming for AP would provide even a larger contribution to him. I didn’t get the chance to get the Spirit Beast to 80 yet, but it’s looking promising.

I only used Serpent Sting, Arcane Shot, and Steady Shot in my rotation and I was unglyphed for BM as well. So that’s saying something. The 3600 DPS was an outlier, but it still consistently pulled in 3k on the dummy. And Survival wasn’t far behind either.

Another option to be considering is the new Furious Howl. 300 AP that last 20 seconds with a 30 second cooldown is pretty appealing as well. Depending how that all shapes up, maybe the Ghost Wolf will finally come out of the stables!

Now the post title is kinda of out there but I thought it was worth pointing out that my gorilla had 18.7k HP when I was BM. And that was without Endurance training! Need a tank for an instance? The pets are looking more and more viable. :)

More to come! Especially once we get into Ulduar! Thoughts, comments, etc. Post!

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