Hanging on by a Thread

Well our guild is refusing to die just yet. Thanks to the efforts of certain folks, especially Parrallelism, by doing some awesome recruiting we are going back to try and finish 25-man Naxxramas tonight. So most of the weekend I convinced myself to level my alts. That’s right, more than one. :)

I have two goals for them. One, to get my Priest to 80 so I can join one of our 10-man Naxx groups and steal me a whole bunch of healing gear. The second is to get my Death Knight to 70 just so I can wear all the Cobalt tanking gear Warbull made me. Not exactly lofty, but it’s keeping me focused for the time being.

My wife was sad that her gear was poopy so she splurged some of her thousands of gold on a few BoE epics and blues. You can see her stuff here. From the advice of guildies we specced her into Mutilate for now.

I also have the intent of testing out the macro Tyrae posted over on Ferocious Inspiration and compare it to hand-weaving, at least on a target dummy. After I do that, I will make sure I post my own person results so people can draw their own conclusions.

As for me, I’ve got to run some errands and respond to some e-mails. And “Taken” was awesome by the way.

Thoughts, comments, etc. Post. :)

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