GenghisKong versus the Druid

All this talk about Hunter pets got my curious. So late last night after many people logged off the PTR I logged back on to play around with some specs some more. And then I thought “Hey, let’s get someone to duel my gorilla.” So I specced BM, threw on my PvP gear and found a geared Feral Druid willing to fight.

The Druid had all Deadly and Hateful gear, Journey’s End, etc. In the video I did start the recording late. But essentially what happened was the Druid started in cat form, came out of stealth, I cast Bestial Wrath and GenghisKong gave him a fat beating. That’s when he Cycloned GenghisKong (who almost got the Pummel off!), healed, and spent the rest of the fight in bear form.

The only things I cast were Mend Pet, Bestial Wrath, and Intimidation. The 4017 heals are from Silverback everytime he Growled. Sure Genghis ended up losing the duel, but not without putting up a fight. No fancy editing or anything, I just hit record in Fraps and away we went. Enjoy!

Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

I was able to confirm that the fact that the Marksmanship bleed is working and the reason it was ticking for only 1 damage was indeed because the target dummy I was shooting was already at 1 HP. From my best judgment, it really does seem all three specs are going to put up viable damage numbers although I think Wild Hunt might be adjusted due to the massive scaling nature of it. But hey, Blizzard wanted people to want to spec 51 points into BM. If it stays this way, I think I very well might do it.

UPDATE: Logged on this morning and the dummy was back to full HP. MM pulled in 3k DPS unbuffed now that Piercing Shots ticked properly.

Upon further testing it does appear that the strongest Piercing Shots bleed will be applied, over-writing weaker ones. I was able to apply a bleed with a Steady Shot crit that was ticking for 95. After 2 ticks I followed up with a Aimed Shot crit and received a message in the combat log saying my Piercing Shots is refreshed on Heroic Training Dummy. I am now trying to see what happens if it is followed by a weaker crit.

FURTHER UPDATE: Piercing Shots will be over-written by weaker bleed effects. So if your Chimera Shot crit is followed by a Steady Shot crit you will end up with the weaker bleed rather than the more powerful one staying active.

Stronger Piercing Shot bleeds overwritten by weaker bleeds

Thoughts, comments, etc. Post ‘em!

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