Friday Ramblings: Disbands, Ads, etc

Well Thursday night we decided it was in everyone’s best interest to disband the guild WORK. While it was limping along, we could only get people to show up when they knew we were running 25-man Naxx. A large majority of them had no interest in putting in the time or effort to do 3 Drake OS or even 25-man Malygos.

Personally the final straw was having to police one of our Death Knights for the lack of a better term. While I got two sides of the story, the basic jist of it was he was invited to tank 10-man Naxxramas. After a number of wipes on Heigan (the actual number and actual cause of the wipes varies between tales) the raid attempted to replace him, at which point he decided to “squat” the instance, preventing the raid from bringing in a 10th person.

The raid blamed him for tanking to close to the stage every time, which he admitted happened once or twice, and he blames the raid for being unable to dance. In a lot of scenarios I wold take the word of my guildie. But I won’t pretend I knew this person for more than 5 minutes. And his general attitude when confronted about it didn’t sit well. All I know is that instance squatting is a pretty big jerk move that is rarely justified.

After much coaxing I got him to leave the instance so the raid could finish their run. I won’t ever know who was truly right in that situation. But I do know that it was just another person completely content crapping on their guild name for their personal vendetta.

So on to a new guild hunt. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Second on the list is the topic of advertising. QQ has been ad-free since the creation. At the beginning everything was free so it was no biggie. Moving to self-hosted WordPress was great and I am really enjoying the platform but web hosting costs. Not a lot, but you know, some. I’ve been approached multiple times from a couple sites/companies interested in advertising here. However none of them were products/services that I would support.

Some were gold selling sites I ignored without a second thought, others were guide services or gold-making systems. And while some of them are very well put together and I applaud the time put into them, advertising for them when I would never use them myself seems silly. Let’s face it. WoW probably has no secret that the community hasn’t discovered. Well except for that dang Ice Stone.

Every gathering node, quest item, loot location, etc. All discovered, data-mined, etc. And all available for free online one place or another. So all those guides promising to make you a million gold, come on, we all know the gold cap for one character is 214,748 Gold 2 Silver and 89 Copper. Yeeesh. ;)

I remember an interview with Penny-Arcade where they said they got to the point that they were able to turn down ads and would only run ads to games or services that they would support or play. It let them keep a level of quality on their site. And while I may not be rolling around in the Benzes (Benzii?) like they do, it doesn’t mean I can’t hold my site to the same standard.

So whatever I decide to do, you can be sure that I won’t be plastering them all over the site. Maybe one in the sidebar and one in the footer. And I will always publish a full RSS feed. No worries about having to click through to the site to read a full article.

Well that’s my ramblings for Friday. Have a great weekend and a great Valentine’s Day or Single’s Awareness Day, whatever particular version you choose to celebrate. Thoughts, comments, etc. Post ‘em!

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