A Brief Recap on Changes and DPS Performance

With the coming of 3.0.9 we had a slight un-nerfing of Beast Mastery. I know there are at least a few people out there happy to see BM brought back up a bit. I didn’t respec so I am curious if anyone has WWS data from a 25-man Naxx they wouldn’t mind sharing.

We ran 25-man Naxx last night that had mediocre results. We had a lot of new recruits, at least a few who had never done 25-man Naxx before so it took longer than some were used to.

You can view the WWS here. From a personal level, I felt my DPS was lower than it has been and there were a few fights where I know I did a poor job of watching Multi-Shot and Explosive Shot. There was a lot of hand-holding that needed to be done so I dealt with it. It was more than enough to pull my weight on most fights.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t pick up the last few pieces of gear on my list. A Strong-Handed Ring, T7.5 legs and helm, and a pair of Crippled Treads. I finally replaced that Mobius Band. :)

But unfortunately, as I write this, we have 10 minutes before we want to do raid invites and we only have 15 people online.

WoW Insider pointed over to the “Ninja” post to it should be interesting to see what kind of additional comments are added to the conversation. It’s posts like that where I wish Intense Debate was still working because threaded discussions would be so helpful.

Thoughts, comments, etc. Post ‘em. I’ll make sure we have a post with more “substance” tomorrow or Friday depending what goes down.

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