What do you owe your guild?

One topic has generated quite a stir lately. Matt posted a few days ago about how one of the guild’s best Holy Paladins decided he wanted to “take a break from raiding” because he didn’t want to get burned out before Ulduar. In most cases this is a completely acceptable situation when you are further into an expansion. But Wrath has been out for how long now? And we haven’t seen anything past the introductory raid yet.

Gevlon over at the Greedy Goblin wrote a post that generated quite a bit of attention which you can read here. He ended up changing what he thought a bit in a newer post right here (If you read any of them, read the second). I felt inclined to respond on his post. My comment, which is still there of course, said this:

If that’s how the Paladin felt as well, then maybe he would be better of joining PUGs? It’s not about you owing anyone anything. Or paying anyone back. It’s called teamwork and the willingness to help your guildies continue to run those instances so they are able to get the loot they want, just as you did.

If you (and I use the term “you” not directly, but abstractly) only care about yourself to the point where you neglect the other people in your guild, you should not be part of that environment.

It’s easy to say things about joining PUGs now, but there are far fewer successful PUGs killing 25-man Malygos than clearing 10 or 25 man Naxx. And there will be further still once Ulduar is released. And the instance after that.

What incentive does Matt’s guild have to bring this Paladin back again when Ulduar hits?

None. Like you said, there are other good players they could replace him with. Ones that won’t forget that the RNG Gods didn’t smile on their guild mates as frequently as they did for him.

That kind of attitude will kill progression. It may not happen in Naxx right now, but it will. For example, our guild had the same problem towards the end of BC. We cleared Black Temple and lots of us wanted to finish tackling Sunwell. But when a player leaves, quits, or whatever, the spot must be filled. And equally geared raiders don’t go on trees. Add in enough people where you have to continue to gear them and your guild stagnates. We had to continue clearing old content to bring their gear level up to par with the content we wanted to run.

Sure, people get burnt out from raiding. But this early into the expansion with a brand new guild filled with new faces? I call bullcrap. He got the loot he wanted and bailed so he would no longer have to help anyone else.

I won’t deny that sometimes we get burnt out. It happens. But this Paladin picked   of their healing loot and was the guild’s best geared holy Paladin. To me it felt like he used the guild. So my question to you is what you think about the situation? What would you do if you were Matt? I would love to hear your opinions either here or over on the Greedy Goblin if you would like to contribute to that conversation.

So thoughts, comments, etc. Post ‘em here or there. :)

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