Real Life catches up.

Pardon the non-WoW post today. It’s been slow in-game with the holidays keeping people busy and out of the game. And Illidan (US) is still plagued with horrendous lag during raid hours. Apparently other folks aren’t having any issues raiding, or at least the terrible instance servers are relegated to our battlegroup. Who knows.

So pardon the real-life story today. By trade I am a graphic artist and Flash developer. Got a degree in it, and have been working with it for almost a decade now (in my spare time and in an employment capacity). Considering I am 26, that’s not too shabby. I was lucky enough to have a job on campus as I went to school that was essentially a think-tank. A think-tank with very little to do other than play with software. I was developing an online multiplayer RPG in Flash just to see if I could. When Adobe released the Flex beta we all spent the next couple months throwing ourselves at that. Good times to be had by all.

Unfortunately it’s not so easy in the real world to find folks who need graphic designers or Flash developers, especially ones who don’t think you should also know C++, be a database administrator, or know PHP. Sure, I can write CSS, edit HTML, and all that. For the past year or so I’ve been doing contract work for a Fortune 50 telecommunications company (Non-disclosure agreement, make your own guesses). Well that contract ended and now I am looking for some more permanent work again.

It’s not a terrible spot to be in. My wife is a teacher so we are still bringing a full-time income in while I keep looking for something nearby. We aren’t much for relocating since all our family is near us. So it’s a challenge. With the economy the way it is, not too many companies are looking to retain a full time graphic person. And the ones who are are paying less than I made back in high school when I was a telemarketer. So it kind of sucks.

So that’s my little ramble today. Blog posting will continue as usual as I still try to find good topics to cover. And here is a pretty picture of mah new desk my wife bought me for Christmas (picture taken with the camera I bought her!)

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