Post-Patch(werk) DPS

Well now that we’ve had time to raid, everyone can assess how their DPS is affected. Ferocious Inspiration posted about his guild’s Patchwerk numbers. And it is definitely worth noting that their Hunters are no slouches. We are talking about 3-drake, 5-minute Malygos kills here. Now I am able to post my own Patchwerk numbers. Here is what the final numbers looked like on my Recount:

Update: Here is the WWS report too actually.

Recount after the Patchwerk fight.

This showedModeezy technically doing 200 more DPS than me, but I still ended up on top. And while I don’t think 5k DPS is anything to scoff at, it is without a doubt a DPS decrease compared to 50/21.

My DPS is slightly less than Tyrae over at FI but the numbers are very comparable. Pacmann was very similar to my spec (which happens to be the 2/18/51) except he dropped 1 point out of Improved Aspect of the Hawk. I still haven’t completely re-gemmed yet, as I need to pick-up a few more Agility gems but the market for them is a little nuts right now. But compare those numbers to Tyrae’s guildies in the post I linked above. At the time of his post, they tried to continue running as BM with not awesome results.

Beast Mastery took a huge hit in DPS. Regardless of most personal anecdotes, the math is clear that Beast Mastery got hit hard. Let’s take a look at how my damage broke down for that fight:

DPS Breakdown of the Patchwerk Fight

Explosive Shot definitely pulled its weight. The number of shots here is important to note because despite the changes, our Naxx run went very well and we managed to get the Heroic: Make Quick Werk of Him achievement. Regardless, we have a few notable things to point out. With the weaving of Explosive Shot, it allowed Auto Shot to provide more damage than Steady Shot due to it’s replacement during the rotation.

The second thing is that Explosive Shot has a huge critical strike chance when specced. As you can see it had a 57% crit rate during the course of the fight.

The third thing is, due to the cooldown reduction, 3 Kill Shots made up more DPS than all of my Serpent Stings. That might have changed if they fight went longer, allowing for more Serpent Sting time, but seeing that my Kill Shots hit for 13k each is kind of fun.

With the respec, I opted to keep my Steady Shot glyph (of course) and my Improved aspect of the Hawk glyph. I replaced the Bestial Wrath glyph the Serpent Sting glyph however. If Serpent Sting only lasted 5 seconds I thought I would have to reapply Serpent Sting too often, possibly holding off on Explosive Shot until it was re-applied.

One thing I made a point to do, which I am sure many people were already doing is refraining from chain-firing Explosive Shot during a Lock and Load proc. One thing I was concerned about in beta was the overlapping Explosive Shots. If your shot is reapplied before all the explosion ticks finish, you will lose the last tick or so when the new shot hits.

To be fair, this might not even be a concern given the travel time of the shot but my rotation during LnL would be ES>Steady>ES>Steady>ES(Non-LnL Shot). I need to revisit a target dummy to see if I can fire them consecutively while at max range without losing any explosion ticks.

So in conclusion, Surival DPS is decent. As good as 50/21 was? Of course not. Blizzard didn’t want it to be. But it’s doing alright. I was honestly expecting to be much lower in the DPS list last night but it all turned out alright. That is to say there are still bugs Blizzard needs to fix. I know Aspect of the Cheetah is triggering the GCD. Kill Shot still has an 8 yard minimum range rather than 5 yards. Things like that.

So how did your DPS tests, raids, etc all turn out? Post your thoughts, comments, Recounts, WWS, etc.

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