Pet Control during Malygos

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about what people are doing to maximize damage during instances and the one that stuck out to me the most is Malygos. We are victims of our pets even if we aren’t Beast Mastery. For example, our DPS will suffer on a fight like Thaddius as our pet will not receive the charge stack to increase their damage. Things like that are unavoidable.

But on a fight like Malygos there are a couple steps we can take to insure our pet pulls as much weight as possible. Many extremely progressed Hunters are reporting that they use Aspect of the Beast during Bestial Wrath and they are reporting DPS increases. This evening I found a 10-man Malygos PUG, and while the group was incapable of killing him, it did give me a few chances to mess around with Aspect of the Beast and positioning my pet.

As any Hunter can tell you, Malygos’ hit box is a monstrosity. It’s huge. It’s like an orange on a toothpick! That’s a virtual planetoid. It’s got its own weather system. And . . . I am sure you get the idea. Now most bosses that have huge hit boxes we fix by simply taking a step back. But the problem with Malygos is that in order to maximize group DPS, you need to get as many DPS standing in the spark when you kill it as possible. And since you usually have more melee than Hunters, it too frequently gets killed to close to Malygos that we cannot stand in the spark and still have range to shoot.

After the first attempt with this group I decided it was time to see how Aspect of the Beast was going to work out as well as practice pet control to make sure Khagan took advantage of these sparks. So I decided to Fraps what ended up being our last attempts and illustrate what I was trying to do. This video won’t be all that enlightening but might shed some light into my little thought process. Remember, watching in high-quality looks less like crap. And I hope you don’t mind a little Bowie. :)

Now as I mentioned, this was a PUG group and was far from perfect execution on my part. Phase 1 in the video (which is all the video is) went smoother than any other attempts. The group realized that since I had missed all the sparks before this attempt and was still #2 on DPS that perhaps moving the sparks back a bit would be good. When this attempt ended (shortly after phase 3 began since some folks don’t know how to fly in a pack) I was at 3700 DPS and solidly in first place by about 550. Now this would have been higher with a better group composition, food buffs, better ammo, etc etc. That’s just nit-picking however. But Khagan pulled his weight big time, personally he out-DPSed two of our other DPS folks. Which could have been another reason we were failing. Ah well. PuGs for Malygos are hit or miss.

I am looking forward to trying this again in a guild group fully buffed to see what numbers it churns out for me. Thoughts, comments, etc. Post ‘em up!

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