More Guild Issues

I seem to have been making a lot of guild posts lately. :)

I feel like a pretty lucky person. My “life” on Illidan has proved to be quite fruitful. From the day Warbull, Moirainne, and I met Ciths with the idea of starting up a new guild, to the ez-mode PuG Karazhan runs that were so smooth people would purposely wait till I ran mine so they could get in. But one thing that’s always been missing is the stability of a well-established guild.

On Deathwing, Ravencrest Watch formed shortly after release and we rocked that guild title for a long time, racking up server firsts along the way. And while Found and WORK have been great for progression, that can be chalked up to a small core of truly exceptional players. But things have never really been “smooth” in the idea that when I was logging on to raid I knew I would find at least 24 other people ready to raid like you are.

Found had a ridiculously high attrition rate. WORK just doesn’t have consistent numbers. And it’s a rough spot for someone to be in who really enjoys raiding. Even in farmed content, raiding to me is a personal challenge to be better than I was the week before.

And to be fair, it’s not all guild problems. (US)Illidan has completely gone to crap in terms of performance. Nothing Blizzard does seems to fix it. Last night the server pretty much stopped working during Patchwerk. People got frustrated and left the raid so we had to call it early. And that’s really no fault of their own. Raiding in lag isn’t fun for anyone.

Is WORK dead? No. But we’ll see who shows up to raid tonight. I won’t like when I say part of me wants to transfer off the server. Not to get away from people but to get to a server where raiding is feasible due to server performance. But there’s one thing I am, and that is loyal to a guild.

So once again, we’ll see where WORK goes, similar to the problem we had with too few members. If it goes belly up for whatever reason, moving to a new home is creeping closer to the top of my list of options. Although I do foresee one problem. Not all guilds will be thrilled with someone posting about their inner-working on a blog. I never been one to obscure information. The names of guild members, leaving WWS reports un-anonymous. You’ll always get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. :)

Time for me to get lunch. Thoughts, comments, bribes to move to your server. Post ‘em here! :)

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