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I don’t usually do posts focused around a single mod, this today I decided to make an exception. Now I know this isn’t a “new” mod technically. It generated a lot of attention when it was displayed in the Rogue video when he tanked Illidan. The other day I was thinking that I needed a mod that would inform me when Lock and Load procced. And while there were a lot of simpler mods I could have used to do this, I opted to try Power Auras and decided that it pretty much rocks.

As a warning, Power Auras takes a bit more configuration to get working than some other mods but I definitely feel the ends justifies the means. So what does Power Auras do? It allows you to create in-game warnings, announcements, timers and other useful items for pretty much whatever you want. The warnings can be displayed with fun graphics, sound clips, or just the icons of spells if you so desire. So let’s take quick look at how I have Power Auras set-up and go from there.

How I set-up Power Auras in my UI

Taking a look at that screenshot we can see just a couple things. You can see the Hunter’s Mark icon, what appears to be a Serpent Sting timer, and the icons for Multi-Shot and Explosive Shot. What are they actually doing?

  • The Hunter’s Mark icon is tracking my target. The icon will display as long as Hunter’s Mark, cast by anyone, is on my target.
  • The Serpent Sting timer checks to see if the mob is affected by Serpent Sting cast be me only.
  • The Explosive Shot and Multi-Shot icons display there as long as I am in-combat and they are off cooldown.

What’s not displayed is the Lock and Load icon that appears slightly larger above my cast bar as long as I am under the Lock and Load effect. This way I get a simple indication of when it procs, what shots are ready that I want to weave into my rotation, as well as debuff timers. This way I can further focus my concentration on my surroundings without having to look at action bars for cooldown counts.

Power Aura Configuration WindowTo show what else we can do with Power Auras, I am going to do a quick walk-through to show you how to set-up a Power Aura effect that tracks your focus target and tells you when they are affected by any of your trap effects. Once you have installed Power Aura, type /powa to pull up the configuration window.

You can create character specific events or global ones to be used across all characters. As you can see in the screenshot I have 6 different events already configured. Click the “New” button to pull up the New Event Configuration window.

In the next screenshot, I filled in all the options I would need to make this custom event work for any of my traps except for one. Frost Trap. The Frost Trap debuff is actually called Frost Trap Aura, so the one tweak I had to make is change the words “Trap Effect” to just “Trap.” One nice feature of Power Aura, as we are demonstrating here, is that we can use just partial spell names in case we wanted to cover more than one ability in our event.Since we have the event only tracking a debuff cast by me, we don’t have to worry about other people’s effects.

Configuration Window for a Trap EventThe other tabs, as you can imagine, allow you to set up animations for the icons or graphics you use for your events. You can display timers, just as I do with Serpent Sting. You can even play sound clips. The mod supports external sound and graphic files. So let your imagination run wild.

Another great feature is the import/export option which allows you to share your events with other people. That way if you create an awesome event for a boss, or some effect-tracking, you can share it with your friends, other Hunters, or the world! Huzzah.

As we demonstrated, it’s easy to see what kind of things we can do with Power Aura. It’s pretty robust and I am sure I will conjure up some other uses for it’s awesomeness in the near future. Hopefully you find this useful. If you come up with a great Power Aura event, let me know. Since it will probably break in the comments, send it to me in an e-mail along with a description of what it does.

If there is enough of them to warrant it, I will create just a generic text file that lists all of the custom events we can come up with, that way you can just view the text file and pick the ones you want to use.

I have started a thread on the QQ forums where people can share their Power Aura configurations. Check it out right here.

Any other thoughts, comments, etc. Post ‘em here!


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