Getting our guild to WORK.

Haha, pun intended. My guild, WORK, is a conglomeration of folks from Illidan and other servers. Most came as a package deal for the lack of a better term. But for whatever reason we are having issues filling a raid. Interestingly enough, for lack of DPS (although a couple healers wouldn’t hurt). So the question we had to ask ourselves is why are we having issues filling our raids?

We have 38 players on 37 accounts. That’s right, we have 1 single alt in the guild. Only a single person on our roster is under level 80. So what’s causing our player shortage? Some of it can be chalked up to server queues. They are forming on Illidan sooner and sooner each day. We would have hoped they would actually subside, but yet no such luck. Maybe the lag in the 25-man instances has turned people off to raiding. But today when we went to do raid invites we only had 16 people online total.

Some people over-reacted. We had 3 Shaman quit today after we couldn’t do a 25-man raid. Some went to other guilds, at least one said he was transferring off the server. We got the 16 people online to hope in Vent so we could have an ad hoc guild meeting with those who cared. Our core group of players are incredibly skilled at this game. High-rated Arenas, some of them hold top DPS records on stat tracking websites, etc. And they are known around the server, so finding new players won’t be particularly difficult. Illidan is a very crowded server with lots of recruiting potential. In fact, in the short period of time we have been recruiting (about 4 hours) we picked up a new holy Paladin, and a really geared TG Warrior and Blood Death Knight. Not too shabby.

We really wanted to make sure that everyone still wanted to focus on PvE progression. That way we know that the folks who didn’t panic and leave still want to do what we set out to do. We wanted them to know that we still have the intent of raiding once we filled our empty spots. As any one can tell you, gearing people is easy. Finding the good players is the challenge.

What can we do now to make sure we retain our players that we currently we have while we recruit?

1. Keep running 10-mans and whatever 25-mans we can, even if we have to PUG that last few spots.
2. Keep guild PvP groups forming getting players to interact with each others.
3. Continue recruiting players to fill ranks. We need to have at least a few to fill in case of absences.

The list is short but it is really our key focuses. We have the capabilities of conquering some of the harder achievements and the upcoming Ulduar. We almost got the Undying title on accident during our 10-man Naxx the other night. We had some mis-communication on the Razuvious adds of all things. :)

This post feels . . . scrambled. Although I know what I wanted to say, I don’t know if I conveyed a clear message. On another note, Blizzard has hinted at some changes for Hunters other than the buffs/nerfs coming in the next patch. In fact they stated we will have to be re-tuned once they implement changes to make us “more fun to play.” What does that mean? Who knows. We also know there are changes coming to how ammo works as well. And mah little brain churns. :)

That’s all for now. Thoughts, comments, etc. Post ‘em!

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