Friday Ramblings: Holding a Grudge

Hmmm, where to start. I guess this post is meant to be an apology to someone who really really (did I mention really?) doesn’t like me. Back in BC 41/20 was the number one DPS spec for raiding. On the official Hunter forums people were always asking the best spec for DPS for raiding. And the best was without a doubt was BM if you were looking for maximum DPS output.

Now how this person came to hate me has two very different stories. This is how I remember it:

  • Whenever someone made a thread asking for the number one DPS spec, this person would come to the thread and tell the person they didn’t have to spec this way, or don’t just spec for Flavor of the Month, etc.

However this person remembers it a different way. This is how they recall it:

  • They would make a thread asking for spec equality and he recalls me posting in every one of his threads telling him to just spec 41/20 and shut up about it.

Somewhere along the way they thought I didn’t care if the other specs are all capable of significant DPS. Which isn’t true because having 3 viable specs is good for the class and my support for 41/20 was solely due to it being the best possible DPS a Hunter can bring. I know this because it’s my own opinion. No fact checking needed. :)

On my blog and in-game I will always be the the spec that will bring the absolute best DPS I can. But depending on your goals, this isn’t always necessary. For example, when guilds were trying to beat Brutallus enrage timers, there was little option on what spec a person could be. If you weren’t pulling your weight your guild could wipe. But not everyone was facing Brutallus enrage timers.

It’s important to remember that Naxxramas, Eye of Eternity, Obsidian Sanctum are the Karazhan, Gruul’s, and Magtheridon of Wrath of the Lich King. People could be clearing content as any spec they wanted, truthfully, without it being a hindrance. When we see Uldar and later content enrage timers will most likely become a bigger issue. Mana efficiency is also going to play a bigger role in raid healing again (from the latest blue posts).

The term raider and casual is often debated but rarely answered to a point everyone can agree on. I know Pike doesn’t like the terms at all. But to me, I will always consider a raider (at least a hardcore raider) as a person who is pushing cutting edge content. Karazhan and SSC when BT was available might have been going to a raid instance but was not hardcore raiding. Nerfed TK when Sunwell was out. Or even nerfed Sunwell. But everyone will always have their own definition.

But one thing is for sure. When you are looking to find a guild for progressive content you can almost guarantee their guidelines will ask for people to be the best possible spec they can be. At that may not be what your favorite spec is. But if you enjoy raiding and seeing content when it is new, that is a trade off you have to make. But not everyone has that same mentality. And not everyone is looking to squeeze out every ounce of DPS from their class. They may try to bring the best DPS they can from their spec, which is still commendable as they try to maximize their efficiency of their chosen talents.

But in the end it’s a different mind set. Some people play a spec. Some people play the class. Even BRK (who this post is not about) has specced Survival for raiding for the increased DPS. And to me, that says a lot about him. While his name sake is all about Bestial Wrath he is not immune to what the current top dog (or kitty ba-dum ching) is for raiding DPS. While I would have lumped him with a spec people, it really shows he is about the Hunter and not just a talent tree.

Back to the topic. This person has evidently held a grudge for quite sometime now. I made a similar comment on Twitter a day or so ago about speccing for maximum DPS. And apparently it got a few people talking. Matticus chimed in with some opinions. Brigwyn shared some thoughts. Lassirra did as well. One person commented “This is the most active I’ve seen Twitter in a long time.” And the person in question pretty much went on a rampage sharing is “thoughts” about me. He blocked Matticus for agreeing with me. Lassirra, who had never heard of them before, only saw him going off in a tirade.

I offended him pretty bad during Burning Crusade I guess. Apparently whatever I did stuck with him to this day. I would try to apologize but after reading his thoughts the other day I really don’t think it would change his mind. But for whatever it’s worth I’m sorry that I offended you so badly Mr. You-kn0w-who-you-are.

Well that’s my Friday ramblings. Sorry about the wall of text. Now if you don’t mind, I have a Utgarde Keep to heal. Thoughts, comments, etc. Post!

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