2v2 Arena – Hitting 1700

Lunchmoneyy and myself knocked out 60 2v2 Arena games one night. And things went rather well. Our first week we were still clinging to the drain team philosophy but this second week we played, 50/21 was the name of the game. The comp had its strengths and weaknesses so I figured we should talk about it and some of the comps we faced.

Death Knight/Retribution Paladin

This was easily the most common team composition we saw over the course of the evening. We had a mixed success rate depending on the gear of the team. The Death Knight is FAR more resilient than the Ret Paladin. The key here is to force the Paladin bubble as SOON as possible. They are inevitably going to be chasing your Paladin/Healer and gaining the distance on the Paladin when he had to stop and heal is imperative. Once the bubble is forced, do your best to slow down the Death Knight until the bubble wears off. Once it does, finish the Paladin and if your healer is alive and in mediocre shape, this match is in the bag. If the gargoyle is up during the paladin bubble, shoot it down. It puts out really great DPS and can put the hurting on your healer. Remember both the ghoul and gargoyles have cooldowns. Take one out and it won’t be back for a bit.

Warrior/Resto Shaman

We only fought one team like this, and it proved a difficult match-up that we probably only won due to being in the Orgrimmar arena. This particular team had the Warrior as Fury, Titan Gripping the 25-man KT axe and something else. Needless to say he put out ridiculous damage. In this situation I was thankful I had Khagan with because Heart of the Phoenix was infinitely more useful than anything a crab would bring to the table. The key to this match-up was attacking the Shaman on all levels. Viper Stings and constant DPS.

They did an excellent job of coming together to bring my pet in range of the Warrior who more than once went to town on him. Constant Wingclips, Freezing Traps, and Intimidation’s to prevent as much Warrior damage as possible and bursting down the Shaman was key. Once again, if we were in any Arena that provided more LoS opportunities for the Shaman we would have probably lost. Pet management was also a key factor. While Khagan ended up dying, the Warrior didn’t *always* kill him since pulling him back, allowing him to get heals, and well-timed Lick your Wounds when Improved Hamstring procced was crucial. We fought this team 3 times. The first time we lost and they took 15 points from us. We fought them twice in a row about 45 minutes later and each win gave us 18 and 17 points, which means they had been crushing other teams to that point.


We lost to this team twice and I don’t think it was possible for us to beat it in a consistent manner. Essentially they had their way with my pet more than the Warrior did. One Cyclone on Lunchmoneyy and the would nuke the pet fast before it ran off. Even using Heart of the Phoenix they would do it again. Once the pet was dead they were in the perfect situation to control the game. The interesting thing about this composition is that while they beat us, they would have been tore up by the Warrior/Shaman team. Without a link like a pet to attack, they would have to choose between the Shaman or Warrior. And considering the Warrior would inevitably kill his pet, every pet death would involve a hard-cast 4 second rez and the Warrior would stay on the Druid it would put the Hunter team in a bad spot.

Death Knight/Holy Paladin

The matches we had against this composition were the longest games we played. The Death Knight was to survivable to effectively burst and the Paladin was too effective at healing to burst without perfect stun planning only after we had drawn out the bubble. The first goal we had when facing this team was to kill the ghoul. Eliminating the pet was a huge boon for Lunchmoneyy. And as with the Ret/DK team, blowing up any gargoyles was also very important. I made liberal use of a focus Viper Sting macro to make sure I kept it up on the paladin as often as possible. I left the pet on the Paladin and did my best to CC the DK with Wingclips, Concussive Shots, and Freezing Traps. In order to kill the paladin we wore him down and I would usually end up in Viper refilling my mana. Luckily CC and Viper isn’t exactly reliant on doing full damage.

When we were ready start unloading the best I could and Intimidate when he started to heal. Depending on crits this would force out the bubble. I stopped DPS, went back to CCing the DK. Once the bubble ran out it was guns a blazin’ with the Bestial Wraths. Lunch would Hammer of Justice which was followed by Intimidate and would generally result in a dead Paladin. Issues were line-of-sight on Arenas like Blade’s Edge or Lordaeron but we beat this composition more often that not.


It was easy to tell how this match would go within the first few seconds. The Rogue would inevitably jump me or Lunch, which I would follow up with Intimidate and Multi-Shot the Mage images. Probably one of the most key factors was if the Rogue got back into stealth and were able to re-open. If they vanished and I was able to bring them out we would usually win. A couple times, however, I would kill the Rogue and the Mage would kill me and then hilarity would ensue.


This team composition is annoying and extremely deadly for us. You have to ask yourself, who is the right target in that composition? And it’s the question we asked ourselves a few times. Our answer was to kill the Boomkin. One of the most annoying aspects, however, was the images/treants we had to deal with. On Lordaeron we stayed near our entrance in order to lure them into the entry way to Consecrate and Volley would remove them. Since most Mages we ran into seemed to be Arcane, we had to survive the initial burst which would then allows us to work on the Boomkin. If we are alive through that, putting the Druid on the defensive is much easier although Cyclone was still a major issue.

One particularly humorous match was when I killed the Mage first and Lunch was going toe-to-toe with the Druid. The druid ran off in cat form to drink while Lunchmoneyy . . .  rezzed me. Watching the Druid make a desperate attempt to get back into range to put him back into combat was hilarious.


At the end of the night, we were 1708. We had been as high as 1736 but the Hunter/Druid team did a number on us. We were pretty pleased with how we did. Gear still needs to be gotten. I need a lot more resilience, as 400 isn’t cutting it. I picked up the Envoy of Mortality last night so more DPS for us! Yay. I might try 3v3 again with a Ret Paladin, Resto Shaman, and myself. That should be a good comp with the addition of 6 second interrupts coming from the Shaman. More raiding posts coming next week once we resume regularly scheduled raiding now that the holidays are over.

Thoughts, comments, personal observations, etc. Post ‘em!

(I’ve also been playing L4D. Man that game rocks.)


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