Winter Veil – A Time for Achie… giving.

Right along side the start of Season 5, Winter Veil has begun as well. And along with all the joy and seasonal cheer being spread around is the opportunity to do something good. That is, if you call getting some seasonal achievements “good.” :)

Not only is a title available for completing all of the Winter Veil achievements, being known as the fearsome “Merrymaker”, but it is also a portion of the much larger “What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been.” And the reward for that is a secksy Violet Prot-Drake. It’s worth mentioning that it is also a 310% speed increase. So get to it. You have some Merry-making to . . .  ermm . . make.

Picking up PvP AchievementsThe one achievement that *could* be the most troublesome is the With a Little Help from My Friends achievement. Getting the kills is easy enough, but every time you die you are going to have to head back over to the machine thingy to get turned back into a gnome, which can be troublesome. Luckily for me, I paired up with one of our Prot Warriors and a Shaman and we went to town in Alterac Valley. It was so brutal in fact that I also completed my Wrecking Ball achievement.

I also managed to get myself to the honor cap is preparation for today. Combine that with Stone Keeper Shards to turn in for Wintergrasp Commendation to keep churning out the honor to buy the gear I need. I must admit, previously I didn’t notice this, but those are also Bind on Account. Want to gear up your alt in shiny PvP gear so you don’t get crushed? Send ‘em tons of those Commendations and let the gear come flowing in. It might be a tempting option for those who have lost hope for competitive Hunters in Arena.

So enough about achievements. There are a few mods that I find extremely useful, one might say crucial, to PvP combat. Some of them have PvE-related uses but Season 5 is on a lot of people’s minds right now so it’s worth talking about. I try to run as few mods as possible, but lately I’ve been letting myself get carried away. Things like Auctioneer, ClosetGnome, Recount, etc. They sneak up on you as they get installed. Next thing you know you have lots of mods again.

Proximo – Are you doing Arena without Proximo or some other enemy unit frames mod? If so, you should probably stop until you go and get this one. When Arena starts, you mouse over your opponents and *wham*. Unit frames for the opposing team. A lot of Arena folks wouldn’t be caught dead without this one.

AG_Unitframes – This one can be replaced with any unit frames mod that allows you to display the casting bar of your opponents and your focus target. Simple and to the point. But casting awareness is very important.

There are a few other mods I have installed for PvP but they are mostly fluff. Tracking required honor and tokens, an announcer for PvP-related buffs and spells, yadda yadda. I would also recommend putting together some macros for Arena as well. For example I have a Silencing Shot macro that looks like this:

#showtooltip Silencing Shot
/cast [target=mouseover,harm][target=focus,harm][harm]Silencing Shot;

This might have to change it a bit. I haven’t tested this exact iteration of this macro in combat yet but one problem I foresee is that it will try to cast Silencing Shot on my target even if they don’t have mana. I might remove the [target=mouseover,harm] and [harm] portion so it only tries to Silence my focus target. Or maybe just the [harm] part so the mouseover still works. Not quite sure. I have to test out what will be most effective for me. But as Season 5 starts, my sights tonight are still set on our 25-man raid. I lost a roll on a Fury of the Five Flights last night in a PuG 25-man Obsidian Sanctum which was sad but there is still a chance to grab it in our guild raid.

Thoughts, comments, opinions, etc etc. Post ‘em here.

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