We need to make some money.

I’ll admit, I am not a poor Hunter. I have more gold now, yesterday, and tomorrow than my Warrior ever did through out the years of playing him. My Warrior would never had gotten an epic flying mount if my uncle hadn’t farmed in Skald tirelessly to send me 5200 gold for a graduation present when I got my bachelor’s degree. And while I may have more money than my wife’s characters, she is much better about using the Auction House for the items she finds than I am. And right now, there are things I want in-game.

And right now, that is a Mechano-hog. Right now I am sitting at 13,750 gold. This was after doing some dailies, and *after* I bought the materials for the 110 AP enchant for my shiny new Black Ice. Thank you 10-man Malygos PUG. But let me tell you, that enchant is NOT cheap. At all. Now technically I am not that far away from being able to buy one. However I have no intentions of leaving myself flat broke. We still have enchants to get, ammo to buy, and  . . . repair bills. Can’t forget those! So we need to make some money. I have no intentions of spending the 15,000 gold (approximately) to pick one up will I have a 10,000 gold cushion. So that requires me to double my current gold. And I have been in stasis lately, that no matter what I buy I end up hovering just around 14k gold. After the purchase of the enchanting materials I was right at 13k, but thanks to selling flasks and some dailies I was able to jump up that 700 or so gold.

While I sometimes I have a hard time following all their advice (due to my own inability to invest my gold), two of the blogs I read most carefully is Warcraft Econ and the Greedy Goblin. There are a lot of Bloggers I admire for the work they do, and these two are no exception. Their ability to rake in the gold is impressive. I rarely take the risks that they do with my gold. Perhaps I am just a chicken, but it sure is working out for them. I read the Greedy Goblin’s post last night about Infinite Dust and as I sat at the Auction House I thought to myself . . . . “Should I? I could buy tons of this stuff.”

And I chickened out. How’s an Orc going to afford a Mechano-hog like that, not having the courage to invest? On average I do 7 dailies, mostly ones for things or reputation I need, such as cooking, Sons of Holdir, heroic instances (and non-heroic), yadda yadda. But that is usually the extent of my income outside of trash drops.

But if there is one thing I wish I could do would be to check real-time Auction House data right now. For example, is it cheaper for me to buy the raw materials for a Flask of Endless Rage and then sell the finished product? Especially with the chance to proc multiple flasks since I am an Elixir Alchemist.

There is no market for Elixirs themselves right now. Even though I discovered some interesting ones, like Elixir of Armor Piercing or Expertise but no one wants to spend money on them. And the Mana Potion market has taken a dive since you can only use one per battle now.

So there’s my dilemma. I need to suck it up and start taking advice from these smart WoW gold-makers. I am jealous of BRK for his ability to buy that mammoth he got. While I don’t want that one, the principle is the same, and he saved enough to buy what he wanted.

On another note, we are getting closer to our Chef achievement, yet still knowing that I am going to have to level fishing until Blizzard decides to change the achievements. Fishing doesn’t require cooking, but for some reason cooking requires fishing. Bleh.

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend. It’s snowing here. My feelings over this are torn. Thoughts, comments, etc. Post ‘em!

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