User Mod – Shmii’s SSGCD

Blog reader and frequent commenter Shmii sent me an e-mail a few days ago letting me know that he was starting to try his hand at LUA. And I must admit, his first endeavor is actually a very useful tool. He wrote a very simple mod that tells you the exact casting time of of Steady Shot as well as how much “dead time” you have between that and the global cooldown. Considering the in-game tooltip doesn’t update with your haste, I found this very interesting and very usable to help determine if you might have reached the effective haste cap for Steady Shot. For example, take a peek at this screenshot:

Shmii's SSGCD

You can download his mod right here.
Now being this is his first attempt at mod writing, there are some simple steps in to get this to work. Download and extract that mod just like you would any other UI mod, into your Interface/Addons folder. Then, in-game, make a macro called Shmii (or whatever you want to call it) and add the line /script SSGCD(). Drag that button on to your bar and there you have it. The exact casting time of your Steady Shot and the time you have leftover until the GCD. Just hit that button any time you want to know the timing. It will update when you are under the effects of Bloodlust, etc etc., so feel free to it hit as you raid to see what your time is at. Very handy.

Big thanks and props out to Shmii for taking the initiative to learn LUA and for writing such a surprisingly informative mod for his first time behind the wheel. Any questions you have with the mod or any trouble getting it to work, leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do to help.

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