The Start of Season 5 and Contest Emails

The /random winners for yhe anniversary contest.I made the contest rolls late late Friday night. And as you can see in the screenshot, it was really Saturday morning. Ignore my excessively nocturnal habits. If you were one of the folks that left a comment corresponding with those numbers an e-mail is on its way to you to confirm the pertinent details I need to get you your prizes.

I just wanted to thank everyone again for entering the contest and being so supportive of the blog. If I was independently wealthy I would give everyone tabards. So here’s to another year of blogging!

Moving on to other topics, a lot of folks in my guild are PvP nuts. And with Season 5 starting tomorrow it’s time to spend a little bit of time thinking about PvP and of course more specifically Arenas. We’ve done enough battleground-crushing recently to pick-up all kinds of Achievements. Give us a nice big open area with running room and we can kill all kinds of folks. I’ve definitely had a leg up on the competition in these battlegrounds mainly because I hopelessly out-gear most of them. And due to that, we managed things like Damage Control (300k damage to players), Ironman (personally cap all 3 WSG flags), Not in my House (Kill 10 flag carriers before they leave the flag room), etc etc. Right now on the Rampage battlegroup AV is ridiculous. And by ridiculous I mean 40 Horde versus 6 Alliance. It’s more of a race to finish before the battleground closes down than anything else.

And all of this is to hit the honor cap with tokens to spare for extra honor in anticipation of purchasing Honor gear come tomorrow. Take a peak at the Hunter PvP gear obtained through Arena and Honor right here. This, of course, isn’t counting new rings, trinkets, neckpieces, and cloaks. Season 5 will start off like Season 1 with new comps popping up with everyone’s new talents and abilities but will quickly mature as people are far more experienced in how Arena is going to go down.

I have a few different builds in mind depending on who I find for Arena teams. Right now I don’t have any concrete plans. I am still looking at a more classic style build along the lines of this. We pick up essentials such as Silencing Shot, the Multi-Shot talents, add in Piercing Shots, and of course Aimed Shot. We get Scatter over in Survival as well as a shorter cooldown on Disengage, the Wingclip talent, etc. I am leaning towards this in the small 2v2 and 3v3 brackets, but depending on the composition it can still be effective caster control in 5v5. Even though Viper Sting is technically getting nerfed, a Viper combo with Chimera Shot should still work pretty well in draining mana.

Of course Beast Mastery will still be ddcent in the right composition provided you are looking for good damage output. And the Ogrimmar Arena is *slightly* more favorable to Hunters, excluding the Gladiator-esque starting sequence. Just without the rose petals. And with more gimmicks that don’t involve you getting stabbed before the fight starts.

I am not sure what team members I am looking for really. Playing a defensive 2v2 game with a Paladin might be good. And a Druid is always a good choice. One of my concern is going to be Death Knights and the lack of magic defense for Hunters. If I am not mistaken we will not be seeing the Deterrence change for a bit until its been on the PTR. The problem is that Death Knights are not limited by mana, akin to Warriors or Rogues. Except they have much better defense than the previous two in my opinion, as well as having their own pet and a large number of short cooldowns at their disposal.

A few things I have taught/learned the hard way about Death Knights is when to attack or when not to attack. Mark of Blood. See that? Attacking during that is bad. :) The biggest challenge is monitoring your debuffs. Apparently it can removed with Mend Pet (if it was on your pet for some reason), removed by a Fel Hunter, etc etc. Fighting a Death Knight is all about dancing between their cooldowns it seems.

It has become a past time in guild chat to try and get me talking about Hunter PvP in Arena and our short-comings. Everyone gets a big kick out of it once I start talking. If I can keep their jokes in-check I might be able to actually figure out who doesn’t have Arena plans yet. I must admit, 3v3 I am a bit stumped. I don’t know where to start when it comes to a comp for that bracket. But perhaps with Season 5 starting it will lessen the load on Illidan’s ailing instance servers so Naxx will be smooth for the first time ever.  :)

Let’s wrap this up. Thanks again for everything last week. Everyone’s kind words and support was awesome. Thoughts, comments, especially about Arena plans and what kind of comps you think you are going to run, leave ‘em in the comments!

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