One-Year! We made it!

Khagan and Drotara in the Pet ShopWow. One whole year of blogging about Hunters. I can say I never thought I would get to this point. A little over a year ago one of my real-life friends who was always looking for WoW advice suggested that I should make a blog about it. So I created a new blogger blog and contemplated over what I should name it. Never knowing if it would be long term, I picked one for the “lulz” and that’s how we ended up with Less QQ, More PewPew.

A friend wanting advice and an Internet meme because I couldn’t think of anything better at the time. But in reality it works. The title became fairly easy to brand and everyone has heard “QQ” at some point in their Azeroth travels. And one year ago today I put my first post up on a default Blogger template with a random screenshot as a header. My first was an attempt at humor, which is right here.

It’s been quite a trip to get here. And I can’t say all I’ve made are friends along the way. Any of you who are long-time readers probably recall a few situations where some folks weren’t what you would call pleased. Originally it was the Blog Azeroth forums where I publicly displayed my unhappiness with the direction of some of the community. I know there is at least one fairly prominent Druid blogger who still seems to be harboring a grudge.

And it’s no secret that correcting BRK in the past has made friends and enemies. It’s a humorous situation really. For every person who leaves a comment or or sends an e-mail telling me how they don’t like when I do it, I get another who does. There are a couple other Hunters who certainly don’t like me. Some with some more strong feelings about it than others. Google Alert told me a link came from their site and it was entertaining to find that they think I am a “abrasive asshole.” Who knew?

You can’t please everyone. But hey! You guys are all here and that’s what matters. I never did jump on the Entrecard thing like a lot of blogs to help build traffic. In fact I’ve stayed away from advertisements even after switching to self-hosted WordPress recently. And some how you all found your way here, and many of you even stayed. And to me, that rocks. Especially finding so many great blogs to read and things to learn from other folks. I recently posted about the awesome Warcraft-money-making specialists as one example. I remember when I started Matticus’ seemed like such a powerhouse (it still is really), and he had all these great posts up on the Blog Azeroth forums. And of course Phaelia’s resto Druid blog, who is one of the brains behind Blog Azeroth whom I am happy to say I share the same state with.

The Troll Hunter has been one of my longest subscribed blogs, as his troll-speak posts always make me smile. And in that same vein, of course I can’t forget Petoholics Anonymous with Faeldray, who even made a secret alt once and infiltrated my server to have a chat. There are so many folks who have made this blog so enjoyable to write and I am going to feel bad not saying something about all of them. Don’t worry Lassirra, I’m not forgetting you. (Psst, the development for Lock and Load Episode 2 is underway as well, but *shh* I didn’t say anything).

While it sounds like I am accepting an Oscar or something (“You like me, you really like me!”) and it might sound cliche, but I have to thank all you readers and commentators. I thought about stopping the blog at one point. It just didn’t seem like it was going anywhere, I didn’t know who was reading it, and posts just seemed to go unnoticed. But you guys know how to make a Hunter feel wanted. The resounding response I got from people, urging me to keep the blog going, the subsequent comments, the e-mails, and everything made me smile.

It was the first time I was like “Holy crap, folks are reading this.” And after that, the interaction with everyone seemed to have sky-rocketed. More comments were being left, more e-mails were being sent and every time I get one it makes me smile. I don’t care whether it’s criticism, corrections, thanks, or whatever. Seeing everyone interact with each other, pointing out when I make a math mistake, and everything else is awesome. And hopefully Intense Debate gets fixed soon so we can bring back that comment system.

What did I do last night in anticipation of this milestone? Well I missed what apparently was a laggy 25-man raid which got called after 45 minutes and then later that evening went on an awesome 10-man Naxxramas run with some guildies. How awesome? Ignoring the fact we got achievements like Make Quick Werk of Him, Shocking!, and The Hundred Club, you could say we had a very unexpected guest to our raid. Who you might ask? This guy!

GM visits our raid (1)

After being plagued by repeated evenings of unbearable lag (we haven’t been able to finish KT since our first week) this GM popped in to have a chat, spread some fun, and apologize for the degraded performance we have been experiencing. Hilarity ensued. He spend probably 10 minutes or so goofing around with us. While he couldn’t turn anyone into Ragnaros it was a blast none the less and easily relieved the frustration we have been experiencing as a guild the past few days.

GM apologizing for instance lag.

And then after spending all the time being nice, he tried to squish us as an ogre! The nerve!

GM trying to crush us as an ogre.

After finishing his shenanigans he let us know he wasn’t the only GM watching. Apparently when he turned us all into cows and grubs all the other GM’s that were watching also got a major kick out of it. So remember! GM’s are people too! His visit really did make all the difference in the world. By the time he was done just messing around, it really shook off the annoyance we had been feeling the past few days. We finish this late night 10-man Naxx in the best of moods as we went and crushed Loatheb, Sapphiron, and Kel’thuzad as leper gnomes, courtesy of the GM.

Sapphiron as Leper Gnomes

Remember there is still time to enter the contest by leaving a comment on THIS blog post. I will use the in-game /random feature and post the screenshots of the winning numbers after I contact them. Just as a reminder, the prizes are one of the UDE tabards on this page, as well as two Paths of Illidan. No quiz, no questions. Just leave a comment with a valid e-mail address (which is hidden and confidential) and you’re good to go!

So to wrap this post up I figure I should just re-iterate my goals. This is a Hunter blog. While I started it as advice for my friend and a chronicle of my re-rolling from a Warrior, it has turned into what it is now. On a personal level, I play the class, not a spec. I will always change to the best one I can find for my given goal. Be it PvE DPS or PvP.I am not a BM Hunter, a Marksmanship Hunter, or a Survival Hunter. And while I put on any one of those hats at any given time, in the end I am playing the Hunter. I will do my best to write about relevant information pertinent to the class.

And thanks for all the awesome things you guys have said in your contest comments. Some of them are amazingly kind. So until Monday, have a great weekend! And when it comes time for me to /random for the winners, hopefully you’re the winner! Yes, you. You right there.

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