The Hunter Hit Cap

I want to thank Vakis for pointing this out to me so the message can be relayed to everyone. This thread, about halfway down the first page, sheds some light on an interesting run of events. It appears through all the tests people have been running, combat log parses, etc, are all pointing to the new hit cap only being 8% rather than 9%. Other folks have provided screenshots of tests using 1500 Auto Shots on raid boss dummies with only 8% hit and never missing, etc etc.

After the 2nd page starts or so, it starts to become accepted that 8% does seem to be the new magic number which is awesome news for all of us. So what are our new numbers to aim for?

Hunter Hit Cap – [32.78 Hit Rating = 1% Hit]

262.24 Hit Rating – 0/3 Focused Aim
229.46 Hit Rating – 1/3 Focused Aim
196.68 Hit Rating – 2/3 Focused Aim
163.90 Hit Rating – 3/3 Focused Aim
131.12 Hit Rating – 3/3 Focused Aim with Draenai Aura

That certainly modifies gear choices, at least in my mind. Needing a full 1% less hit is a big deal. It is important to know that Focused Aim does affect our pet’s chance to hit as well. This makes it a viable alternative if you are unable to reach the hit cap through your current gear.

Make note that your pet will receive your hit rating, rounded down to the nearest percentage. Therefore, if you have 7.99% hit acquired through hit rating on your gear, your pet will receive 7% hit. So try to get *just* over the 8% mark to make sure your pet receives as much as possible.

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