Hunting Loque’nahak

How is it, yesterday, it snows and I stay home and work from home and everyone else comes in to work and today, it snows and I come into work and everyone else works from home? The roads are a mess. And here I am, sitting in my cold friggin’ office. Ah well. The interwebs will keep me warm. And I haven’t checked, but I have a sinking feel there isn’t a new episode of Chuck for me to watch. It’s a tragedy I tell you.

My exciting weekend was doing something I thought I would never do. I leveled fishing. All the way to 284. I am 80 fish from the 1000 fish achievement. And I want to gouge my eyes out. Such “positive reinforcement” why I never leveled it before. But dang it, no Chef title unless I do it.

But that’s not the only thing I did, as you can imagine by the post title. I dropped a 51-point talent into Beast Mastery so I could go hunt Loque’nahak. And by hunt, I mean tame, of course. Right now the cat is sub-par and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you or believing a magnificent lie. As it stands, Loque’nahak’s ability, Spirit Strike, is not affected by Longevity. More specifically, the 85-115 Arcane damage that comes 10 seconds later is not affected. The cooldown will be shortened to 7 seconds, but the spirit beast will reapply the affect and the second half of the damage will never go off.

(Correction: The current bugged functionality I am told, since I don’t have one to test myself, is that the spirit beast will actually delay casting Spirit Strike until the second portion of damage goes off. Since that still takes 10 seconds to activate, Longevity lowering the cooldown of the ability to 7 seconds makes no difference in the current game)

Now this is being fixed in the patch so it will make the pet a bit more desirable. And with the 50/21 nerf looming down on us, we want to be prepared for whatever build will be bringing the best DPS. And there is a good reason to try and tame Loque’nahak. Well, other than looking awesome of course. Not only will the ability scale with attack power, there is reason to believe that the ability will make great use of raid buffs.

I read this line of thinking over at Ferocious Inspiration/Hunter’s Terrace when it was brought up. As he posted it:

The Spirit Beast now scales ridiculously well with full raid buffs. They get the whole +13% spell damage and +spell power buffs from raid stuff added to Spirit Strike. Now in a raid situation it should be a top contending pet.

While I take every rumor with a grain of salt, this is not some random hunter in blues and greens who post on the Hunter Forums in the “what do I name my core hound?” threads. I see no reason to see why he would intentionally spread disinformation, but yah never know. WTB PTR 25 man raids for testing :)

There is sound reasoning to this line of thinking but can’t be completely confirmed yet. That’s why I figure it’s safe to make an effort to tame it now. I know a lot of Hunters have been camping this poor guy for a while now and I am the “new comer” in the “sitting around waiting for the spawn” club. :)

But at least I got a lot of farming in. I tamed myself a temp rhino named WruLoq and picked lots of herbs. Lots. Like 700g worth last night. So I can’t say I didn’t get anything out of it. I figure this was a good week to try for this thing since raiding is technically postponed due to holidays and people traveling.  And the people in general chat made it interesting. Random person accused of being a ninja. Swearing commences. Reminder that said person ninja’d heroic loot. Accused ninja scoffs at the allegation. Comments about heroics being “srs bznss.” Good times had by all. I also need to reprice the materials for flasks and see if it is once again profitable to purchase the raw materials and re-sell the flasks. For a while there, the herb prices went up and flask prices didn’t. We’ll see.

As another possible spec, word on the street is that Explosive Shot is scaling very well as Blizzard attempts to un-nerf Survival after realizing the Steady Shot change is going to hammer all specs, not just BM.

Nothing too exciting in today’s post. Tonight is my niece’s birthday. The same niece who ran the election dinner. Most people who have birthday’s close to Christmas usually get screwed but her parents do a great job of keeping them separate. No Christmas stuff on the birthday!

Well, that’s all for now. I will probably make a post tomorrow at some time although I can’t guarantee it, you know, being Christmas Eve and all. So if I don’t, everyone have a wonderful holiday. Be safe and enjoy whatever you might be doing. Thoughts, comments, etc. Leave ‘em here. See you all back here on Friday. :)

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