Getting stuck in crappy raids.

I am sure this happens to a lot of people. Last night I am looking for a heroic Naxxramas PUG. Given the holidays, my guild didn’t schedule any raids. But I figure I might as well try and pick up some emblems or something. After not finding a fresh group, I see someone asking for DPS for Sapph and KT. They whisper me saying it was a 1% wipe on Sapph and some people just had to leave.

Fair enough. Join the raid, filled with 25 people, zone in, and BAM. They start talking in raid chat about how they’ve been there for 9 hours, people can’t move out of blizzards, etc. /facepalm

Talk about misleading. After seeing how bad the wipes are on Sapph, I leave the group and chalk this week up to terrible luck. I still am trying to find a regular EoE PUG so I can finish my necklace quest. I should have some interesting stuff to post soon. Raids are starting up again, 2v2 Arena as 50/21 with a Holy Paladin, 3v3 Hunter/Mage/Priest, etc. Arena plans might change depending when the patch comes. I don’t think it is coming tomorrow, but if it does we will have lots of interesting things to talk about.

And the Lock and Load podcast #2 is still on the table. I am hesitant to put it out before such a major patch though.

Sorry about the cheap post today. Hope everyone had a great holiday and that you all got phat loot.

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