Friday Ramblings: White Raiders can’t Dance

That’s sort of a random post title, don’t ya think? Well, there is a fairly humorous reason for that. Apparently our guild is chalked full of tanks and healers. Actually we have excess tanks. Far more than we need. But we seem to be lacking DPS. Go figure. We couldn’t go make our 25-man Malygos attempts last night which left everyone to fend for themselves. And I had the bright idea of taking the reins of a 10-man Naxxramas. Warbull needs some (more) gear and there were a few pieces I wouldn’t mind picking up.

We found some healers, had 2 tanks and we lacked . . .  two DPS. So we thought, PUGing DPS, it can’t be that bad. It’s just DPS. Oy. Way to prove me wrong. The run started well enough. Clearing, you know, things. But I would like to express the amount of hilarious failure that was 7/10ths of our raid when it came to the Heigan dance. That’s right. 7 of our 10 people died during the Heigan dance. Luckily the 3 people that stayed alive was the tank, a holy Paladin, and myself. While it would have been faster to wipe, to that we said nay! And I ended up having 49% of the total damage. Go figure.

There were a few things I still wanted from Naxx 10-man. And I think it’s safe to say I got them. We grabbed an Arc-Scorched Helmet, a pair of Trespasser’s Boots, a Cloak of Mastery, and the Key to the Focusing Iris which turns into the Pendant of the Dragonsworn once I kill 10-man Malygos again. Now I am pretty happy with some of the the things I picked up, but the run became more painful as the night went on. We ended up kicking a Rogue who apparently couldn’t figure out how to get on Vent and wouldn’t move out of the Void Zone thingys on Kel’Thuzad. But it could have been worse. Not sure how, but it could have been worse.

Not everyone likes gear posts so I won’t bother linking things I have picked up recently. But if you are interested, check my Armory. I’ve been lucky lately.

But now I want to share a story with you if you don’t mind. Recently on WoW Insider had an article called Ethics of a Botched Deal. The Greedy Goblin wrote a very insightful response which you can read right here. There are some great points made about erring on the side of the consumer and what not. My story kind of relates to that on the side me erring and repercussions later. And while my story probably wouldn’t have any effect anymore if it happened today, when this took place, it was a much different time.

When I was still playing my Warrior, Aratar, I was browsing the Auction House for Blacksmith patterns I didn’t have. Now I have say this was a long time ago. Most of the server wasn’t level 60 yet. Only a few people had epic mounts at this point. And I mean only a few. There wasn’t a confirmation box on the Auction House or anything. Money was hard to come by and I was constantly being inspected and whispered because I was rocking Valor gear as I made my money selling Ornate Mithril gear on the Auction House, because that’s how I rolled.

I was placing small bids on patterns I didn’t have yet. These bids were in the size of 10s, 15s, etc. No amount of money anyone would second guess in the current game. And there was the plans for the Silvered Bronze Shoulders. I placed my bid of 25 silver and headed over to the mailbox to pick-up a few other auctions that I won. But much to my surprise, when I opened my bags, I was missing far more than a few silver. In fact I was missing 25 gold. That’s a hefty amount when your total stockpile was only like 100 gold after being one of the first people to grab an epic mount (I was rocking the old school pure black Nightsaber by the way).

Ahhhhh crap. I ran back over to the Auction House to confirm my mistake. Someone named Vicious has sitting on my bid of 25 gold for this level 20 Blacksmithing pattern. “Calm down” I thought to myself. “/who Vicious.” 0 players found. Post on the realm forums. Come on random person name Vicious. Log on! Later that evening, sure enough, Vicious, the level 37 Warlock,  logs on so I make contact. I tell him that I placed a bid on his auction but mis-typed. If he would be willing to cancel the auction I would still pay him 10g for the patterns, waaaaay more than what they are worth, just so I could try and recoup some of the loss from me being a moron.

He said he would think about it. *Sigh* Very well. There was only a few hours left on the auction. So I waited patiently. And later that evening I whisper him again. At this point he informs me he is just going to let the auction run its course. He is almost level 40 and his brother’s Paladin is almost level 40 and they need mount money.

His Warlock and Paladin brother. Need mount money. /facepalm

And that’s where I thought the story would end. I accepted responsibility of mis-bidding and moved on with life, letting anyone know that if they wanted some Silvered Bronze Shoulders made, come to me. Mine would be awesome. Let’s fast-forward a bit to the part where we are the number one raiding guild on the server, we’ve cleared Molten Core and Onyxia and I am the main tank and famous for my collection of weapons including a Hand of Rag, Teebu’s Blazing Longsword, and a Runeblade of Baron Rivendare. Here’s how it went down:

Alaina (Guildmaster, now Shandara): Ara, there is a post in the recruitment forums you should go check out.
Aratar: Why?
Alaina: Just go look.

Alt-tab out to our site, nav to the forums and check out the new apps. And there it was. Sitting as a new thread just waiting for me.

“Vicious, level 60 Warlock” was the thread title. Now my guild knew this story. They knew it well. And I laughed when I read Alaina’s/Shandara’s post that read “Vicious, we are going to turn your application over to our main tank, Aratar. Perhaps you know him.”


Of all the bad deals I have had through out WoW, that one stuck with me. Maybe it was the part where his application said he was helpful and giving person. Maybe it was all his decision to keep the money way back when. Who knows. But in the end the only thing I did was deny this Warlock the ability to raid with us and the opportunity to be a big jerk. But that day I smiled a little demonic smile.

So that’s my story. Thoughts, comments, etc. Post ‘em here. :)

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