DPS from 25-man Naxxramas

While the server behaved better for us last night than it did the night before, it still felt laggy and choppy inside the Dread Citadel. But that didn’t stop us from clearing out the rest of the place, up to Sapphiron and Kel’thuzad. And it certainly didn’t stop me from putting up numbers that I can be pleased with, especially considering I was still rocking a lot of blue gear. While we started with Instructor Razuvious, the first chart-topping fight was Gothik the Harvester. The boss doesn’t have what you would call a lot of hit points. It’s more of a “Congratulations, you can kill trash mobs” fight.

But rather than list all these fights, the true test of DPS is good ‘ol Patchwerk. At least somethings haven’t changed as he is still a measure for your raid’s DPS capabilities and how much of a beating your tanks can take. And considering at the time I was still wielding 6 blue items, a Gronnstalker Helmet and largely unenchanted, I was quite happy. The WWS is right here. And for those who can’t click on the link:

Screenshot of our Patchwerk WWS report.

It’s interesting to comb through the WWS parse, especially to find things like this. That link just shows that Khagan did 2094 DPS on his own. Looking at my own stats it does indeed show that I never missed with only being just over 8% hit at the time. Good support for the previous post regarding the new hit cap. But on the same note, it indicates Khagan is most definitely not hit capped. His normal swing missed 8.3% of the time and Claw missed 5.9% of the time. That’s why I am definitely going to be aiming for 8% bonus hit without using Focused Aim, to help provide as much bonus hit I can to Khagan.

And what did I get as pay-off for the evening, other than the achievements for completing the wings? Valorous Cryptstalker Spaulders. Ah yah. Combined with the 10-man BP I bought with badges gives me the first set bonus, meaning Khagan now does 5% more damage. I also went and finished my Argent Crusade reputation, picked up their epic leather boots, and Ingvar finally gave me an upgrade for my helm to tide me over.

Late last night I was in Sholazar Basin, as well as a couple guildies who were farming herbs. Then on Vent our guild leader was like “Ah, it’s King Krush.” That statement was followed by “Oh crap, a Warrior is trying to gank me.” Being he was a Holy Paladin with an elite mob tagged and an Arms Warrior beating on him, Cithe and myself started flying . . . somewhere. We knew we had to get to him but were waiting for him to invite us to his group. The Warrior took off when we showed up and we managed to kill King Krush so we unexpectedly picked up the Northern Exposure achievement.

Well, that’s all for today. Thoughts, comments, yadda yadda.

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