December 5th’s Friday Ramblings

Drotara and the Black War BearAs a guild we got our first 25-man Sapphiron and Kel’thuzad kill last night. Our instance servers are still ridiculously laggy but that didn’t stop some DPS-trouncing on our part for Sapphiron. The WWS haven’t been uploaded yet or I would provide a link as always.

We then went and made attempts on 25-man Malygos and at the end of the raid were getting good transitions into phase 3. That boss kill will have to wait till next week though.

And if you didn’t guess, I then joined the new flavor-of-the-month club and headed to eliminate some Alliance leaders. It was an enjoyable trip. I haven’t been to Elywnn Forest in a long time now. Getting everyone from Darnassus to Stormwind was entertaining though. Apparently a lot of folks were unaware of the new dock inside of Stormwind and that we could have just taken a boat right into the city. Ah well. It all worked out in the end.

But yeah, check out that picture. I will *eat* you. Unless of course your a Death Knight. Warrior. Umm, Ret Paladin. Most Mages. Some Elemental Shaman. If you’re one of those I will use this bear to run away!

BUT! Anyone else, yeah, watch out. You know what happens when the bear calvary shows up right? If you don’t know, click here.

One of the other achievements I am aiming for is Twenty-five Tabards. Why you might ask? After all, if you have 25 tabards already, why would you want another one? Because the Tabard of the Achiever is the hawtest tabard ever. In my opinion of course. Seriously, click over to Wowhead and check it out. It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine. *cue Wayne-style camera close-up*

It’s quite a bit of work to get some of these tabards though. I went to solo Sethekk Halls to try and finish my ridiculously close Lower City rep for their tabard. But apparently the higher level you are, the less reputation mobs give you. Each mob either gave 1 or 2 reputation and bosses only gave 18.

I have some tabards.

As you can see, my collection is well underway. I have 17 of the 25 that I need (16 in the picture since I am wearing one). I figure finishing Lower City and Consortium is two more tabards. Three, when I go finish the Battle for Crimson Watch in Shadowmoon Valley, which I never did. I could farm for the Scarlet Crusade tabard for a fourth. I could buy the 2 generic PvP tabards with some marks. Perhaps redeem some of trading card points for 1 more. Then . . .  maybe the Arathi basin tabard for 60 marks. Hmm. One way or another . . .

Well, I don’ want to ramble too much in a single post. Have a great weekend everyone. Any thoughts, comments, or additions to make, post a comment below! One week or so till the blog’s one year anniversary. Woo. :)

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