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So how was everyone’s first day or so in Northrend? I kept myself busy making sure I hit level 71 before I crashed that night. Errr . . . morning. And got half way through level 72 before I slept last night to be confident I had the energy to go to work. Cursed work!

I changed my spec around and I can definitely confirm that Readiness is indeed affecting Bestial Wrath now. So I am really thinking that something like this is going to be awesome for DPS. While I still might go MM for raiding since a glyphed Trueshot Aura is better than anything else in that same buff category, I am willing to bet that having Readiness along with Rapid Fire and Bestial Wrath on such short cooldowns is a big ball of win and very well trounce anything the exotic pets can bring to the table.

I have fallen in love with my new gorilla, which one passer-by stated has “the best name ever. EVER.” Those were his words. Keeping with my naming convention for pets, he is affectionately known as GenghisKong. Yup, it’s a pretty big ball of win. I have moved on to Dragonblight now. I almost had the achievement for I’ve Toured The Fjord but a few bugged quests are causing me to miss out on a couple chains so I am 8 quests short I think. I will go back and get them later though.

I spent some time yesterday grinding Utgarde Keep, mainly during peak play hours to help avoid the huge number of people during the afternoon. People are reporting queues on their servers . . . well, Illidan had 1700 last night. Only a few realms can top that I think. Luckily since I had the day off I logged on before the masses and avoided it entirely.

So the past day or so has been repeating a lot of the stuff I did in beta. And knowing exactly where everything is has been a major boon to leveling. But unfortunately life goes on and I couldn’t keep up with the all day leveling process. I probably won’t get home tonight till midnight. But I will be hitting 73 once I do.

Myself and a few other guildies have made the guild switch to one called “WORK.” Creative, I know. I only know a few folks, recognize a few names, but all are leveling like crazy. So that’s a good sign. Llz, a rogue in Found who managed to get like a friggin’ 2400 rating in 2v2 Arena the first weekend of Season 4 with a druid in the guild named Doubts is level 68 I believe, as a Death Knight. Like a mad man. And while I didn’t play it, I did create my Death Knight, known as Drhorrible. He has a PhD in horribleness.

So I haven’t heard from Intense Debate yet about fixing my blog so the comments link on the main page opens up the ID comment system yet. And the other day their notification e-mails magically fixed themselves so it was no longer displaying broken HTML. Well, it broke itself again and the past 3 comment notifications I received were all screwed up again. It’s a love/hate relationship. But from my end, it just doesn’t make sense. Here’s to hoping I hear from them soon. I know I greatly prefer the comment system to default Blogger. But sometimes I feel fed up with it, and then they will be awesome and I will love them again.

So what did you guys accomplish the first day or so in Northrend? Did you get through Utgarde Keep or the Nexus? Move on to Dragonblight? Did you choose Borean Tundra or Howling Fjord? Thoughts, comments, stories, share ‘em here! And until I get it fixed, click on the post title so you can leave your comment using the Intense Debate system if you don’t mind. :)

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