The Fall of Kel’thuzad

So I joined the 10-man raid group last night to run Naxxramas. We started it up and began clearing trash. It was fairly uneventful and finally got to Anub’rekan. We make the pull, get a tank to off-tank the two adds as we burn them down and start in on the boss.

Wait, what? 10-man Anub’rekan doesn’t start with adds. Only the 25-man does. Oooooohh . . . .

Yeah, we cleared and began killing Anub’rekan that was intended for 25-people. Silly us. The tank eventually dies, zone out, reset, put it on normal difficulty. Proceed to get loots. And it appears I am on a trend I certainly cannot continue. And that trend happens to be getting lots of upgrades every single night. While most of the run was filled with plate and caster leather (boo) I did manage to grab The Stray and the Pauldrons of Havoc. And while Archimonde and Illidan were stingy, Kel’thuzad gives it up on the first date! I already replaced my Drake-Mounted Crossbow with the awesome Nerubian Conquerer.

And then to round it off, I took the badges I picked up from those bosses and bought the Pendant of the Outcast Hero. Needless to say, the night was pretty good. Killed things fast, cleared the instance, and are looking to dive into 25-man Obsidian Sanctum tonight.

I am going to try and fix the Google Search since it apparently is still indexing the old page structure I had. I am just going to delete it and create it over again to try and prevent any lingering issues. I know I’ve ran into problems where the result it pulls up is a page that’s no longer valid. Hopefully we can avoid that.

Blizzard rolled out some new Armory features, including what appears to be a faster loading interface. I can now point you over here to show you how close I am to becoming “Chef.” I somehow am still missing the Haunted Herring recipe and Awilo Lon’gomba still hasn’t given me the Infused Mushroom Meatloaf daily quest yet. I have 3 Great Feasts ready to disitribute in the battlegrounds, but I have to go farm up some more Shoveltusk Flanks in order to create a couple more so I can get the achievement.

I am going to keep it short today. I am only working about a half day and must accomplish some wory-things before I go out to lunch for barebeque. My wife is got to stay home and sleep-in since apparently the public schools didn’t want to be there today.  /jealous

Thoughts, comments, etc. Post ‘em here!

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