The Election Dinner

I am going to make a non-WoW related post today just because of the sheer awesomeness of this. I got a call yesterday afternoon from my brother-in-law wondering if we would be interested in coming over for an election day dinner. Their plan, which my niece fully embraced, was to invite over family and then have us vote on dinner as the poll results rolled in last night. So I thought I would share some pictures with everyone just because a lot of effort went into on their part and how excited my niece was to do it.

Here we have the decorated dinner table. All of us had our own name tag indicating which state we were the Governor of. My niece’s dad received the presidency and my sister-in-law was Vice President. I somehow got the Governor of Alaska. But hey, good backcountry skiing/snowboarding. :)

These were our secret voting booths where we dealt with the hard hitting issues that plagued our dinner party . . . like which drink to have. :)

Here were the ballots that they made for us to use when casting our votes. Not present on the ballot was the write-in option for appetizer choice.

This is my niece, who was also our vote counter after all the ballots had been cast.

As the Governor of Alaska I had a lot of hard decisions to make, as you can clearly see in these top-secret photographs straight from our voting booths.

And I am pleased to announce after a series of hard campaigns, the Chicken Cordon Bleu party was able to take a victory with a vote of 6-4, and Cookie Dough Ice Cream taking a commanding victory for the dessert office. This was our dinner as laid out on the table after it was finished being prepared. :)

Hopefully you don’t mind the little deviation from posting for today’s little excursion into our little adventure last night. We then had a little series of quizzes about things like how many electoral college votes each state has and questions about presidents and what not. It was a lot of fun.

Back to your regularly scheduled Warcraft programming tomorrow. Thoughts, comments, yadda yadda. Post ‘em here!

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