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So far leveling as BM has been great. I have very little to no downtime. My mana efficiency is great. Mainly because the extent of my abilities is Steady Shot with the occasional Wing Clip. I am sitting about 4 bubbles from 76 contemplating trying out a new build.

I was thinking about going with something like this to see how well Rapid Recuperation works for chain pulling. Not to mention having Scatter Shot and Silencing Shot wouldn’t exactly be detrimental either. Has more people on Illidan are hitting level 80 it seems the PvP is picking up. I have had to keep on my PvP gear more often lately due to encounters with random folks.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like PvP as much as the next person. But right now I am focused on leveling and once I get that done there will be plenty of time to pick fights. And some people are picking them now. So I must be prepared! Plus I have seen BM trouncing folks in the 5-mans thus far. I would personally like to see if I can duplicate the same effect with some other talents.

I was considering Survival but it seems to lack the solo power I would prefer. Who is leveling Survival and what’s your spec? And how have you felt about it so far in the leveling process in its current iteration?

I bought some web-hosting and am currently working in the shadows to switch to WordPress. The beautiful thing about it is that the template I am using right now on Blogger was originally a WordPress template so switching to the original is fairly easy. I just need to tweak some CSS and what not and hopefully when the time comes to point the domain over to the new site it will go smoothly. I am already happy that all my scripts can be in one location.

Oh, and bear with the weird drop-down comment problem for the moment. :)

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