Hunter 3.0.3 Hunter Changes. Meh.

So the patch notes for 3.0.3 are out, with a few notables for us Hunters to concern ourselves with.

First things first. The Aspects are now off the global cooldown, sharing an internal 1 second cooldown among other aspects. In addition, the Aspect of the Viper change is going into effect which is a combination of active regen from firing and passive regen. I know people are torn about how the feel about these changes.

Aspect of the Monkey got a significant buff, going from 8% dodge to 18%. That’s a big jump. Especially since we will be able to keep it active with the new Aspect of the Dragonhawk.

The mana cost of Disengage is getting reduced to 5% base mana, rather than 14% and it is off the global cooldown. There are a bunch of other small changes and fixes which you can read about here.

A couple of the changes concern me though.

  • Thrill of the Hunt: The mana gained from using this talent with Explosive Shot is now 1/3 of the normal amount per critical strike (but gets 3 opportunities per cast.)

This change does not make me thrilled at all. Essentially we would have to get EVERY tick to crit for it to gain the same effect from a normal shot. I understand that they didn’t want each tick to return the maximum Thrill of the Hunt, but having the effect only be allowed to take effect once per Explosive Shot duration rather than nerfing the regen would have been a better solution.

  • T.N.T.: Explosive Shot can now only trigger this talent when it is initially fired.

Meh, the lackluster stun for PvE was made even more useless. I imagine the critical strike chance still affects the entire shot, but I really have to wonder if the stun was such a concern that they had to nerf it.

The beta servers are coming down as well. We are in the home stretch for Wrath of the Lich King. Thoughts or comments, post ‘em here!

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