Hopefully you subscribers see this.

It looks like the DNS has been updated for Feedburner so you should be getting updates in your chosen RSS reader again. If you visit the site you should see it up and running now. And almost exactly what it looked like before I decided to switch. The most notable changes are comments are not appearing on the front page, but rather redirecting you to the page for that specific post.

The bonus is that I am still using Intense Debate. The downside is that when I switched to WordPress, I exported all of the comments from the Blogger Intense Debate system hoping I can import them into the WordPress installation. But apparently not. Maybe they will get back to me there is a way to do that. It did import all of the old Blogger comments into ID. Go figure.

Regardless of what happens, hopefully this will be the beginning of a much cleaner, easier, and more accessible blogging experience for you guys, the readers, and less trouble on my end.

I will make sure there is a real post tomorrow. I am still cleaning things up on this end. I just thought I would give you guys a heads up.


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