Go Vote American Readers! (I hate cars too)

Sorry about missing the post yesterday. Here is my story to share. I can fix computers quickly and easily. My sister came and picked me up so I could go over to her house and fix her Internet and printer. Normally I would remote desktop in and fix it from home . . . but since it was the Internet that was the problem I had to go over. It was fixed in 4 and a half minutes with no money tied to it.

The reason she picked me up? The car decided to not work. For the past two weeks my car hasn’t started on Monday morning. We replaced the battery last week because that’s what they told us was wrong. Sunday night I turned my car on just to be sure it would start. And it did just fine. Monday morning . . . . I turn the key to the “On” position and all the dashlights come on as normal. The radio turns on, etc. And then I tried tos tart the car. The speedometer needle buried itself like I was flooring it, the windshield wipers turned on, the dashlights started flashing really fast. And the car didn’t start. Bleeeeeh.

So my educated guess . . . “something” with the electrical system. The something could be anything. And now my car is sitting in the shop as they try to diagnose the problem. And we also had to buy my wife new tires yesterday too. Utah decided to give us slush, snow, and rain today. So we got them with no time to spare.

GO VOTE! Today is the day to get it done if you didn’t do early voting somewhere. No more debates on television, no more Joe the Plumber, no more any of it. It’s all said and done. It doesn’t matter who you vote for as long as you do it. This is a big election no matter how you slice it. And if you don’t vote you have no right to complain if the next administration sucks.

Thrall for President! We need a leader who can hurl hammers, cast chain lightning, and slay demons!

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