Friday Ramblings – The Home Stretch

I am down to the last 18 bubbles to level 80. I was able to knock out half of 77 and all of 78 last night tearing through the Storm Peaks. I picked up a bunch of Lichbloom and Icethorn along the way as well. It helped me get my Alchemy to 429. It should have been at 430 but the person who wanted to take me up on my free meta gem transmute never showed up. I also *finally* found a Huge Spotted Feltail so I was able to knock out one more of the cooking recipes I need for The Outland Gourmet. Unfortunately the last 2 recipes that are eluding me are ones that I can only get from killing mobs in the Outlands or doing more of the Rokk’s cooking quests and hoping it comes from the barrel of fish.

I am torn between finishing level 79 in Storm Peaks or moving on to Icecrown. I didn’t finish all of Zul’Drak either, leaving the quest achievements uncompleted. I did manage to complete those for Dragonblight, Sholazar Basin, and Grizzly Hills. I am quite partial to leaving for Icecrown though, since it wasn’t open till really late in the beta so I never got to experience it ahead of time.

My spec is currently shaping up to be a 60/11 MM build in it’s current implementation. I will get that last point at 80 which I will probably put into Improved Stings to finish off the three. But when it comes time to raid I think I might have to adjust it again. Right now I have Scatter Shot, which has been great for all the times I pull aggro off my pet. I honestly don’t know how it will work but I might try this. I get the benefits from Aspect Mastery, Improved Aspect of the Hawk, the crit chance from Survival Instincts and the tracking talent, and all the good talents in MM. MM has been pushing great DPS. My initial instinct tells me this would be more, specifically for PvE, but I will want to try it in-game in a raid DPS situation.

I haven’t given Survival a fair shake yet. After Explosive Shot took a beating from the nerf bat in beta I haven’t been specced into it yet. If you are Survival, what kind of numbers, DPS-wise, have you seen so far, regardless of level.

It looks like we might have lost some people in the transition as Feedburner showed a big drop in subscribers. But then again, it has been finicky in the past so we’ll see if it picks back up. Every now and then people report seeing their subscribers drop drastically only to bounce back a day or so later. I also updated my Google Analytics and submitted a new sitemap to them (among other websites) so it might be taking some time to crawl the new pages. But regardless of numbers, I am glad it got switched over to WordPress and I can focus on blogging rather than where to host files and what not. :)

Thoughts, comments, opinions about specs, or anything else. Post ‘em!

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