Drotara went to town. And by town, I mean instances.

I apparently took my own post to heart last night. But first, let me share with you my guild dilemma. I know probably 4 people in this new guild of mine the guild has already become very cliquey. And when the 4 or 5 people that I know that were in “Found” already have their own instance running group and the other cliques doing their own thing it doesn’t leave a lot of room for me. I did join up with some people in the guild in the afternoon and attempted the most fail heroic Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom ever attempted. Like it was frustratingly bad.

And I ended up typing /gquit. Now this wasn’t because of this one instance. It was a combination of frustration (which the instance contributed to), being ignored for group requests in general, and the overall atmosphere. Supposedly a lot of these folks know each other in some way or another. I don’t know how Ciths found them but there we were. I hate being unguilded so to take my mind off of it I went and did some dailies to raise some Ebon Blade faction. About an hour or so later the guild master whispers me just as a PUG I joined managed to kill Archavon the Stone Watcher on heroic. I even managed to put out 3300 DPS too.

Well the guild master coerced me back, talking about how it would be different once we start raiding and what not. I figured I would give it another attempt. I even had to decline the amazingly generous offer from Dezdemone to come join their guild “Epilogue” over on Icecrown. And you better believe I considered it.

Some loans I gave out started coming in last night so I decided to spoil myself a little. I had a pair of Giantmain Legguards crafted for me. And then I decided to have an Ice Striker’s Cloak made too. I figure that was a good start. After being convinced to join this guild again, for whatever reason, some of the Found guys invited me to do their heroic runs with them. Either they didn’t have another DPS or someone said something, but what’s that saying? Never look a gift-horse in the mouth? So noted.

Well the rest of the night proved fruitful. How fruitful? Well, how about Drake-Mounted Crossbow, Interwoven Scale Bracers, Handguards of the Savage Emissary, and Vereesa’s Silver Chain Belt fruitful? Not only that, we picked up all kinds of the special achievements for killing the bosses in certain ways or meeting various requirements.

And that’s not even counting the blues. I am pretty pleased with the state of my gear. I am even at the hit cap thanks to the massive amounts of hit rating on the Sphere of Red Dragon’s Blood. You can check out the state of things over on the Armory. Which I happened to notice, I am not the only Drotara on the Armory anymore. There is some female Orc Hunter who is named Drotara as well.

There is suppose to be a 10-man Naxxramas tonight, so we’ll see if that happens and/or if I get a spot. I am unsure why the guild leader tried so hard to get me back. I’ve never met him before and I am pretty sure the only person in the guild who knows about my little corner of the web here is Ciths and I don’t think he cares too much about Hunter talk. Maybe he just doesn’t like hemorrhaging guild members. But I guess we will see what goes down tonight and in the next few days. Who knows what’s going to happen.

And on a side note, Strand of the Ancients is all kinds of win. I love that place. Thoughts, comments, opinions, yadda yadda. Post ‘em! Although it does seem the comment count has dropped since the switch. I am going to wager a guess that this is due to the comments not appearing on the front page like they did before. Having to click through to another page for them to appear is more of a hassle. Which is understandable.

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