Another Macro Courtesy of Sillie

I don’t think the comment system is working yet. If you click on the post header and navigate to the unique post page you should see the Intense Debate comment system but it’s not appearing on the main page yet. I contacted them to see about getting it installed into the new template properly and am waiting to hear back from them.

I am still tweaking the right side bar, specifically “Find Stuff”, “Search QQ”, and “Archives.” Moving on! Sillie, you shared with us the automatic tracking macro, sent me another e-mail with another crazy awesome macro. The Minimap targeting macro. Here’s what you have to do to get it to work:

Create a new macro in the “General” tab of your macro page, pick any icon you want and name it “1.” Just 1, and leave the content area blank. Put it on one of your action bars and make sure you know which button it is.

Now create a second macro, picking any icon you want and name it something like MapTarget or whatever you feel is appropriate. Then enter the following code:

/run s=GameTooltipTextLeft1:GetText(); m=string.sub(s, 1, string.find(s, “\n”)) EditMacro(1, “1″, 2, “/focus \n/Target “..m, 1, 1);
/click MultiBarBottomRightButton6

Change MultiBarBottomRightButton6 to whatever button you placed the ’1′ macro one. Pick somewhere to place the MapTaget macro you just made, move your mouse over something you are tracking on the minimap and hit the macro. It will then target whatever your mouse is highlighting. If you hit the macro button twice in a row, it will set your mouse target as your focus as well. He points out that this will not work if your target is outdoors and you are indoors or vice versa. Either way, it is an awesome macro. Sure, we have things like Proximo for Arena but I am going to give this macro a shot and see how it works.

It never ceases to amaze me what can be done with Blizzard’s macro and scripting system. They really do allow so much awesome customization to be done.

I tamed a gorilla last night and leveled it to 70. By the end of grinding out those levels I was able to send my wife 14 Fel Armaments and 137 Marks of Sargeras. Good times. At least I have plenty of bandages now.

Thoughts, comments, etc. Post ‘em! Just try to click on post title to go to it’s unique page first so the comments will be in the IntenseDebate system. :)

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