Trick or Treating

So I think I got lucky last night when it comes to trick-or-treating in Azeroth. I managed to grab a Hallowed Helm out of my goodie bag. That was kind of fun. Tonight I plan on taking a few minutes and hitting all of the candy buckets all over Outlands to finish that achievement. I have had bad luck with getting the flimsy masks, so “the Hallowed” title seems out of reach at this point.

After that, some guildies wanted to blitz a few heroics for the sake of achievements. So we managed to tear through heroic Black Morass, old Durnholde, Slave Pens and Hellfire Ramparts. I think they were going to do some more but I decided to log. I also dropped the 1200g to buy the 22-slot bag from Haris Pilton for the achievement and for the sake of more bag space since I felt like I can afford it easy enough.

It looks like arena titles are in the process of being awarded on Illidan. Perhaps even finished. While I was not intending on holding on Rival this season, I figured with an 1800 rating or so that I would at least pull out Challenger or something. Either way, come Wrath of the Lich King, I am gunning for Chef Drotara. You all can keep your silly “Jenkins” title. :)

I have been secretly working on a blog appearance overhaul that I hope to roll out for Wrath of the Lich King. I am trying to cut down on load times, reduce the number of sources the site needs to connect to to pull data, among other things. People over at the BlogAzeroth forums got a sneak peek when I asked for some feedback on the work-in-progress design, which was met with the kind of response I needed.

I’ve been hesitant to do too many posts with number crunching for level 70 with the expansion so close, so if it feels like some of the posts have been less than informative, I am really just biding my time till we have a whole new continent and 10 more levels to deal with. :)

Have you had luck with the flimsy Halloween masks? Is the title in your reach? Or is there a particular title you are eager to try and get?

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