The New Mount Macro (And a couple old macros)

We are counting down to Wrath of the Lich King, with just about 2 weeks left to go. With everyone pushing through new content, the world event underway, and everyone trying to figure out how to best use their new abilities, it’s a little crazy.

I haven’t changed too many of my macros, but one that changed drastically was my mount macro. Some things were changed in-game which prevent running a the “flyable” and “noflyable” tags using the cast or use command. Here is what I found:

#showtooltip Swift Red Wind Rider
/run if IsMounted() then Dismount() return end local t if IsFlyableArea() then t={7} else t={1,2,5,6,8} end CallCompanion(“MOUNT”,t)
/dismount [mounted]

To make this work for you, open your mount interface and list any flyable mounts you would like to have the macro choose from in the first numbered bracket, where I currently just have t={7}. The second set is all the ground mounts you would like it to choose from. The mount interface is numbered like this:

The second page just continues off where the first page left off, so the top-left spot on the second page would be “13.”

Now every time you hit the macro it will randomly select one of your mounts that you have chosen, based on whether or not you can fly or not fly. Pretty handy! As far as other macros go, here are a few oldie-but-goodies.

/cast Feed Pet
/use [mod:alt, pet:Wind Serpent] Conjured Manna Biscuit; [pet:Wind Serpent] Mag’har Mild Cheese; [pet:Cat] Clefthoof Ribs; [pet:Wolf] Clefthoof Ribs; [pet:Carrion Bird] Clefthoof Ribs

This macro will feed your pet based off what kind of pet you have. You can modify this macro to fit whatever pet family you have, and then add it what you would like to feed it. You can see that if I hold down “alt” with a Wind Serpent active it will feed it Conjured Manna Biscuits, courtesy of our friendly Mages. One click feeding, no mod required.

/cast [modifier:ctrl] Scorpid Sting; Serpent Sting

Simple. Casts Serpent Sting unless you hold “Ctrl” in which case it casts Scorpid Sting.

As far as shot rotations macros go, I haven’t been using one since I am just manually weaving them. If I end up with one or start using one I will post it. Even though it would mainly be for automatically triggering abilities such as Kill Command. Have you added in new macros to your arsenal since the patch? If you have one, share in the comments and help us all! :)

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