The new Cheeky’s Spreadsheet: Modified by Shandara

Cheeky’s Spreadsheet. We know it. Love it. Use it. But a little while ago Cheeky decided to move on to greener pastures, and by that I mean . . . I have no idea. Perhaps it became too time consuming to maintain and needed to free up time. Regardless, we have a huge appreciation for the work done with the spreadsheet. And with that, a gaping hole was left in the category of “Super amazing spreadsheet of Hunter awesomeness.”

Lucky for us, Shandara over on Elitist Jerks graciously has taken up the reins and has done a great job of trying to keep our beloved spreadsheet from fading into oblivion. But what has changed? What do we need to know about the new version? Let’s jump in and find out. You can find the latest version of the new spreadsheet right here.

Change Log

This is the first tab in the spreadsheet. Not much here, just a list of changes throughout the version. Moving on!


This tab is where you are going to put in a lot of your Hunter’s personal information. A lot of it will look familiar if you used the previous versions of the spreadsheet. In the top left section of the tab you will find the cells in which you fill out your character information, including name, server, etc.

Directly to the right of that section you will find the location to define profiles to save for future reference. To create a profile, just select one of the cells under “Profile” and give it a name, just like you did in the old version. This can be any name, as it is just to help you identify it.

There are a couple new sections with the implementation of new mechanics in WoW. The first one is the “Gathering Skill” subsection. If you have Skinning or Mining you can choose it from the drop-down list, and then select what rank you have of the corresponding buff and it will then add it to your stats.

The next section is the Glyph section and does exactly what you would imagine. Simply choose the glyphs that you have equipped on your character from the drop-down lists and you are good to go. Or if you are making a theorycrafting profile, select one that you would use.

You can also define talent profiles. For example if you have some unique Survival build, you can save it as a talent profile. Give it a name in one of the cells under the “Talent Specs” section and we will come back to it later once we get to talents. You can also do this with Buff profiles so you can compare numbers when you have a certain set of raid buffs or what your DPS would be by yourself. Currently the 2 presets are a level 70 and a level 80 raid composition. Feel free to change this as you have done with any other profile items.


Most of the items on the “Settings” list can be left as default as it it determining what rank of each skill to use. But do make sure to pick whether you are Aldor or Scryer. Also take the opportunity to change what each default gem is if you happen to be unhappy with the defaults they have chosen.

Gear Planner

The “Gear Planner” page is one of the late additions to the spreadsheet, but one of the ones people loved most. And you can bet it is still here, and functioning just like we know it should. Just use the check boxes to select what level of content you are currently progressing through and hit the “Sort” button to give you an idea of what the best items in terms of DPS are available to you.


The functionality of this page has not changed at all. Select one of the profiles you created on the “Overview” tab from the drop-down list and hit the “Load Gear from Armory” button and it should populate all the gear fields just like it did in the past.

Make sure to press the “Save Profile” button to save your character. Or save your wish-list character, or whatever profile you might have created.


Most of the functionality of this page is the same with just one modification, which we already mentioned. The ability to save specs. This comes in handy when you are creating a couple different profiles, testing out gear sets or different combination’s and what to use the same talent spec but don’t want to click it in everytime. You still can load your talents from the Armory by using the “Read from Armory” button however.


Since each raid might be different [...] customizing these options to best suit the group you run with will provide the best accuracy for you.Similar to the old Buffs tab, here you can define what buffs you have when calculating DPS. You can either load one of the custom profiles or create your own by simply using the drop-down lists next to each possible buff. Since each raid might be different, or since you may not have every buff in, let’s say, a 10-man raid, customizing these options to best suit the group you run with will provide the best accuracy for you.

You can also set which buffs your pet has. For example, asking for your pet to receive Blessing of Might over Blessing of Kings. You can also choose which kind of food you feed your pet since they provide different buffs.

Shot Rotation

This tab has probably changed the most (not counting all the new gear on the Gear Planner of course) with the changes to our shot functionality. Rather than provide a large list of cells illustrating an order in which to fire shots, it has you give shots a priority listing. This just means what it sounds. It assumes that you will automatically use an ability when it is off of it’s cooldown over any ability farther down the priority list.

For example, take a look at the screenshot provided. In this case, Chimera Shot is listed at the top, meaning that I will fire Chimera Shot when ever I can, taking priority over any other ability. Rapid Fire takes priority over everything *except* Chimera Shot. You can set priority by simply selecting abilities from the drop-down list.

Another new feature you will see is the “Time spent in Viper” section just off to the left of the “Shot Priority” area. This is a estimation on how often you will need to be in Aspect of the Viper during the course of a fight and what kind of damage penalty you will end up suffering. For example, after putting Chimera Shot as priority, it stated that I will need to be in Viper 5.50% of the time, causing a 2.75% damage loss in comparison to being in Hawk the whole time.

If we put Multi-Shot as priority number 5 and Steady as number 6, my Viper up-time increases to 9.23%, bringing my total damage penalty to 4.61%. These numbers are generated from what your mana pool is given the buffs you have, what talents you have, and the duration of a boss fight, which can be changed in the “Settings” tab of the spreadsheet.


This is the last tab in which we have to change anything, since the calculations tab is just for reference. Here you can choose which pet you have and then click in it’s talent points. Unfortunately there is no importing here since no pet data is stored on the Armory (yet). :)


It’s important to remember that all the changes made to the Hunter class are far from being over and being so, the information in this spreadsheet is still subject to change. A lot. With changes coming down the pipe in the form of boss armor values being buffed, to the fact that we will no longer gain benefit from Windfury or Icy Talons we can expect a lot of calculations to change. That being said, it seems Shandara has really stepped up the effort to give us the most working version of our beloved spreadsheet so far. Undertaking this project must have been no easy task, and being able to sit down and implement all the changes that have come from Blizzard in terms of buffs, raid compositions, calculations, and of course, new skills and talents, I am sure was a huge challenge.

If you see this Shandara, hat’s off to you! And thanks for helping us make better, more educated decisions, when it comes to gear and talent choices. I will most likely be updating the link to the “How To: Cheeky’s Spreadsheet” to this post once I feel it contains all the pertinent information needed to use it. The latest version was updated 3 days ago, and there is currently no version for OpenOffice. The thread on Elitist Jerks can be found here.

Questions, comments, corrections, concerns, etc etc etc. Post! :)

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