The Day After the Patch

How did everyone’s patch day go? For most of the evening I was unable to retrieve a character list and wasn’t able to log on to Illidan till almost 11 PM. I finally clicked a spec in, focusing on MM, but had an internal struggle whether it should be a PvP or a PvE spec, and I am unhappy with it right now. With all the talk and theorycrafting done, I couldn’t come up with my own spec. It is going to take some deep though. :)

Being the lateness of the hour, I didn’t get around to taming a new pet like I wanted. But I did meander over to the Auction House to find lots of over-priced not-awesome Hunter glyphs for sale. Aspect of the Monkey for 75 gold. I hear the Polymorph Penguin was going for 250g. Insanity ensues.

What did you manage to accomplish yesterday? Tame new pets? Do Arena? Run a raid? Post your first-day patch experiences.

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