Missing Content as a Completionist

I’s been bugging me lately that when Wrath of the Lich King hits that I will have not experienced all the content the game has to offer. The fact I am missing the Twins encounter, M’uru, and Kil’Jaedan bothers me a bit. When Burning Crusade came out I had experienced the entirety of the game except for Sapphiron and Kel’thuzad. The reason I was OK with that was because it was not plausible for most people to reach that level in the short amount of time. And now it’s being revisited since Blizzard acknowledged that.

I killed the Twin Emps and C’thun. Fought my way out of his stomach and attacked tentacles. Even had my Tier 2.5 chestpiece and shoulders. But going into Lich King not having done everything claws away in the back of my head because I know that I want to have everything done that I could. Which can be a big problem with an MMO since you are never suppose to be technically done.

Right now, I am playing through Mass Effect for the fourth time now, on Insane difficulty. The game has it’s own achievements and right now the only ones I am missing are playing through the game with a couple specific allies. Here’s the list in case you haven’t played it.

You better believe I bred a gold chocobo and and completed the Battle Arena at the Gold Saucer.I’ve been like that ever since I started playing games. Final Fantasy 7? You better believe I bred a gold chocobo and and completed the Battle Arena at the Gold Saucer. Final Fantasy 10? I probably spent more time mastering Blitzball then I did completing the main story line.

By the time I got around to the main quest in Oblivion I was already decked out in Daedric Armor and tore through mobs like it was nothing. But that’s just who I am. I enjoy the substance of games. While missing out on the 50 different mounts achievement in WoW won’t bother me, note having Kil’jaedan checked off my list is going to forever bug me. Maybe if I decide to switch to a Death Knight and accept the fact he won’t have those achievements anyways will provide some solace. But even on Drotara, I know my warrior who hasn’t seen the light of day is holding on to those memories of old school content my Hunter never saw.

My wife is now leveling another Rogue (I think this makes four in total now, only one is level 70) and is quite content in not worrying about raid instances even though I think she enjoyed gearing up Malificent well enough. And while part of me may enjoy the prospect of role-playing, I never personally got into it and rather find enjoyment in competition. Among others, or with myself. I am extremely competitive and believe that competition can drive people to excel. And maybe that’s one reason I like raiding. Pushing content, trying to be part of the group that got to see it.

With the recent changes I can fully appreciate what it has done for a lot of people and agree with Blizzard’s philosophy as they try to help their customer’s experience as much of their content as possible before the new stuff comes out. It’s what comes before that breaking point. Back on Deathwing we were in hard competition to try and get the server first Ragnaros kill. We lost by 30 minutes. But with the release of Blackwing Lair we put our best showing as a raid guild pushing through there as fast as anyone else. We were proud to be in the top 50 Nefarion kills (at least from what we could gather from other sites). And we pushed through AQ40 as well.

And the desire stayed with me. But when the time came I rolled to Illidan I was in a hard spot. It was late enough in the game where a fresh 70 Hunter at the time wasn’t going to get into a guild with the progression I was hoping for, which left me trying to gear up myself to a respectable level and then get in after that. And the advent of Found turned out to be quite fortuitous. If you’ve been reading a while you might recall the original purpose of the blog was chronicling the life of a re-roller. And we moved past that.

Blizzard is definitely learning from their mistakes and their successes. But there will always be that nail in my brain bugging me about never seeing Kil’Jaedan.I am looking forward to Lich King. Blizzard put a lot of work into it and it is definitely a step above Burning Crusade. Blizzard is definitely learning from their mistakes and their successes. But there will always be that nail in my brain bugging me about never seeing Kil’Jaedan. I forget whether it was in a blogpost or through Twitter that Matticus was at Kil’jaedan post-patch with DPSers who were not breaking 1,000 DPS. It baffles me that, given all the new changes, you *can’t* break 1,000 DPS especially given that these people were at Kil’jaedan. I think I made a post last January of sustaining 1000 DPS in Gruul’s when I was still wearing blues.

And I haven’t had the chance to see Kil’Jaedan yet. /cry

On another note, we are approaching 1 year of blogging, coming up in December. Pretty crazy. I blame Aaron for getting me to start this! :)

For some reason all the notifications I get from [IntenseDebate] in my Gmail are all broken HTMLOff-topic, and I know I said it before but never did due to great support from IntenseDebate, I might try switching comment systems when the new template becomes available. For some reason all the notifications I get from them in my Gmail are all broken HTML and it’s the only e-mail I receive that has this broken HTML. They are suppose to have a feature that let’s me reply to these e-mail comment notifications and it will automatically post it as a response comment here, but since the HTML is broken the feature doesn’t work. With useful features like that being completely broken for me it might be one location in which I can eliminate connections required to other sites to help the blog load faster. When I got my Blackberry one of the geeky things I was hoping was to be able to respond to comments if I wasn’t around a computer. But since it doesn’t work on a computer or on my phone . . . well, it kinda sucks.

Well . . . I guess I should get back to work now. Sorry about the wall of text. Any thoughts or opinions, share ‘em!

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