Lock and Load – The Hunter Podcast!

I am excited to announce “Lock and Load“, a new podcast featuring Lassirra from The Hunter’s Mark and myself. The new podcast is aimed to cover all things Hunters in World of Warcraft.

With our initial recording done last night, our goal is to release our initial episode in conjunction with the release of Patch 3.0. We cover all the important things you need to know regarding the monstrous changes. Expect discussion about:

  • What has been done about the Hunter’s ability to front-load damage?
  • What can you expect from Chimera Shot and Explosive Shot?
  • What do the new talent trees mean for your spec?
  • What can we look forward to in terms of glyphs?

We cover a whole lot so you can expect lots of great information! With this being our initial podcast, the first episode is going to weigh in at a hefty hour and a half. This is due to how much content is being put in with the new patch. Final running time will be determined once I finished editing the clip together. Our goal is to get it on iTunes but you can be sure it will be available through both of our sites.

It’s pretty exciting and it was a lot of fun to do! So while you are waiting for the patch download you can learn what to expect about your Hunter when time comes to log on!

I broke down and ordered a whole new computer last night. Well, I ordered the parts. What kind of self-respecting geek would I be if I didn’t assemble it myself? I spent quite a bit of time swapping parts in and out of my Newegg shopping cart trying to get the most bang for my buck. I got a good deal and a whole lot of things, so I am excited for it to show up. I am expecting it either tomorrow or Thursday.

Thoughts, comments, etc! Post ‘em!

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