Lock and Load – Specced for Awesome: The Podcast

It’s patch day, meaning crazy happens! And Podcast happens! Hopefully you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it! We plan on making this a recurring thing so make sure to stay tuned. :)
Rather than beating around the bush, here ya go:

You can download it here if you would like. It was a lot of fun to make. Chatting with Lassirra was smooth and we didn’t run into any technical difficulties. I am still working to get it up on iTunes. For now, feel free to listen to it hear or over at The Hunter’s Mark. Thanks to Lassirra for hosting the file.

Thoughts, comments, issues with the Podcast, post ‘em here!

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Drotara (or BehemothDan) considers himself a geek on many levels. A web developer and programmer by trade, he has no shortage of geeky hobbies. When not fulfilling husband and daddy duties, he enjoys WoW, the WoW TCG, Magic: The Gathering, and great board games with friends and family.