Illidown and Zombies go home!

There are downsides to being on a ridiculously populated server like Illidan. It is suffering from some of the worst lag involved with the recent crappy server performance. While my wife levels her alt on a low population server, at most she suffers yellow latency, and that happened only when I was downloading some new Nvidia drivers.

Illidan on the other hand . . . the ping is a constant red. It’s painful. Toss in the zombie invasion, main cities littered with corpses and it becomes a real mess. And I don’t know about you, but the “novelty” is wearing off. My wife has become quite frustrated wit the current world event. The auctioneers are always dead, she can’t travel to main cities, quest givers are dying, and mainly just been an unpleasant experience all around.

Overheard in general chat was that Shattrath was even suffering from the invasion when someone ended up turning into a zombie while they were AFK in the Aldo Inn. The situation reminds me vaguely of the original Zul’Gurub disease epidemic. In fact, a lot of this mirrors it perfectly, which is why I find it interesting that Blizzard chose to implement this kind of event. If you never heard of this, allow me to share with you. First, some links from various news outlets:
Digital plague hits online game World of Warcraft
Scientists Using World of Warcraft to Study Real-World Pandemics
World of Warcraft Shines Light on Terror Tactics
Real-world use of virtual epidemics

When Zul’Gurub was originally released, Hakkar ahd a disease that ended up getting spread outside of the instance, causing a virtual epidemic across the major cities. It was quickly hot-fixed to keep the disease contained within Zul’Gurub. Even older than that, in a less disease-more-suicide-bomber sort of way, you had the Baron Geddon bomb “trick.”

Given all these past instances, I wonder why Blizzard decided to use an outbreak-style event. I understand the lore behind it, but they had to figure out that this would end up causing more problems than it would be fun.

What do you think? Are you fed up with the zombie invasion? How much as it hampered your WoW playing? Or are you happily infecting everyone who looks at you funny? :)

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