How to handle new Shot Rotations

With the change to Auto Shot and the introduction of the new shots into our repertoire one of the biggest adjustments we, as Hunters, have to make is the modification of our shot rotations. Do our macros still work? Are they still worth using?

The most important thing to know/remember is that you don’t have to concern yourself with Auto Shot. It is going to happen no matter what you do provided you aren’t moving. So when you are trying to figure out which shot to fire next remember that you don’t have to make sure Auto Shot squeezes itself in. It will do it automatically.

With our global cooldown being 1.5 seconds, that would let us know that we can fire 9 independent shots before we need to refresh Serpent StingShot rotations still exist however. Don’t let Auto Shot fool you. Maintaining a proper rhythm in which we fire our abilities is still crucial for maximizing our DPS. And many will say that it’s just firing off our specials when they are active, this is true to an extent, but monitoring and preparing ourselves for certain abilities is important. For example, if you are using Serpent Sting, you should know that un-glyphed the duration is 15 seconds. With our global cooldown being 1.5 seconds, that would let us know that we can fire 9 independent shots before we need to refresh Serpent Sting unless we are using Chimera Shot. I say 9 because we can’t fire another shot till the GCD expires from applying Serpent Sting which is 1.5 seconds later, bringing the remaining duration down to 13.5 seconds.

In most situations you can handle your shot rotations the same way you have been. You can use a macro, add in any abilities you would like your macro to trigger and go to town. Now, barring out some crazy castsequence macro, using any shot besides Steady Shot, such as Explosive Shot or Chimera Shot, you are going to want to add in these shots when their cooldown allows. Take a look at this spreadsheet-thingy I tossed together:

What you can see is the relative timing you would use timing your shots. For example, you can see Explosive Shot coming every 6 seconds, at the 1.5 and 7.5 second mark in the second set of columns. Obviously you would have to hand-adjust this if Lock and Load procced, in which you would fire Explosive Shot, Steady Shot, Explosive Shot, Steady Shot, Explosive Shot. Why this way? If you fire Explosive Shot one right after another you will “clip” the final tick of Explosive Shot. This allows each shot to last it’s full duration. And the third Explosive Shot starts it on it’s normal cooldown again.

You will also notice that Chimera Shot loses half a second every time you fire it. Given it’s 10 second cooldown, it doesn’t meld well with the 1.5 second cooldown since it doesn’t divide evenly. Since we have to wait at least 10 seconds to fire another Chimera Shot and wait for a global cooldown we could either completely skip a Steady Shot or lose the half second.

EDIT: For some reason my mind was telling me that Multi-Shot was sharing Chimera Shot’s cooldown. Don’t know where that came from. Thanks for the correction. Shows how much my brain is working for me right now. :) This paragraph was removed.

For a Beast Mastery Hunter your best bet is to do what you have been doing. Finding your Steady Shot button and making sweet sweet love to it. . . well, you know what I mean. Press it. A lot. With Steady Shot’s cast time increased to 2 seconds pre-haste, the 20% haste from Serpent’s Swiftness is still important for that reason. Getting it back down to 1.5 seconds is very important in order to maximize its DPS capabilities.

Hopefully this should quell any questions that you might have on how to handle the new shot rotations. In most cases, things haven’t changed too much. Handle it as you have been in the past and all will be well! Any questions, comments, clarifications needed, post ‘em here! I will do my best to answer!

Sorry about no post yesterday, but Is tayed home sick and slept most of the day.

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