Friday Ramblings: Specs

I figure this would be a good topic to cover today for a couple reasons. One, I have received a few comments and e-mails asking me about good specs. Secondly, I have had a hard time trying to decide on a spec for myself. I’ve been torn between speccing for PvE or PvP . . . and which tree. Not surprisingly, with the 10 points missing that we would have from leveling 70 to 80 it changes things quite a bit. So some of the builds I have been considering look something like this:

Marksmanship PvP – I skipped a lot of important PvE talents and focused as much as I could on PvP. Picking up Scatter Shot and Aimed Shot, skipping Go for the Throat, grabbing Piercing Shots, etc. This is really just a modified version of the popular MM build for Arena, just with some other points tossed around into the new trees.

Marksmanship PvE – I am not entirely convinced about this build yet, for PvE purposes. Crucial talents are obviously things like Chimera Shot, Improved Steady Shot, Trueshot Aura, etc.

Beast Mastery 44/17 – The draw to this build for me is being able to provide the DPS we know BM is capable of while still picking up the important BM talents, and even Aimed Shot for good measure. It is also appealing since BM performs quite admirably in battlegrounds with the ability to Bestial Wrath and run away to find friends. :)

Survival PvE – The talents here can be changed a bit, depending if you like Sniper Training or Master Tactician, but the end result is the same. 10 points for Lethal Shots and Mortal Shots, and the rest down Survival in order to get Hunting Party and Explosive Shot. In battleground PvP it could be a lot of fun to have Explosive Shot even if it is on the weak side of things.

Survival PvP – The idea behind this build is control. We have the key elements of Scatter Shot and Wyvern Sting. Part of me thinks that I should just drop Expose Weakness from this build and perhaps put the talents into Lock and Load for use in conjunction with Arcane Shot. Which very well could be the *more* valid option. I even dropped the point into Trap Mastery solely for the increased duration of Freezing Trap.

So I think what I need to do, personally, is figure out what I am going to do in-game leading up to the expansion. Battlegrounds, attempting Arena? Or jump into some random raids? Without a raid guild right now it’s hard to decide.

Monday (or sometime this weekend if I get time) I will write up some information regarding how to handle shot rotations. With the changes to Auto Shot things have changed quite drastically.

Thoughts, comments, etc. Leave ‘em! And have a great weekend!

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