Beta: Three Naxx fights as Survival

While I was about to log on and try Arena with our new talent trees I received an invite to come do 10-man Naxxramas. While they didn’t care what spec I was (so they said) they stated they wouldn’t hate it if I was Survival for Hunting Party.

Fair enough. So I specced Survival and went my merry way. Now we only got through the Spider wing before I had to call it a night. The group I ran with was a random invite. With a one day reset currently, I don’t worry about getting locked into a bad group since by the time I wake up it doesn’t matter anymore. Now some other Hunters I know have passed me in gear level and are pulling down better numbers than mine, but we still managed to perform better than most people in the raid.

The first boss, three pulls into the instance, is Anub’rekan. Other than switching to adds that spawn, it is just straight DPS. One thing I immediately noticed from my other DPS tests is how much Explosive Shot contributed to my total damage. You might recall that during pre-nerfed tests that Explosive Shot was my number 1 or 2 contributor in terms of damage. However in it’s current form it is only bringing in 22% of my DPS on this fight, in at the number 3 spot.

This puts the emphasis back on Steady Shot as being our number 1 DPS contributor. With a total of 88 Steady Shots doing a total of 155119 damage, that means my average Steady Shot did 1762 damage.

Recount is showing 143 Explosive Shot damage entries, but what this means is the number of Explosive Shot ticks, not actually firings. This means that each tick was hitting for about 700, totaling 2100 damage per completed Explosive Shot. So we are gaining roughly 350 damage on top of Steady Shot currently. Auto Shot comprised the second most damage, hitting for 1240 damage on average.

The second fight is Grand Widow Faerlina, another fight great for DPS since it is tank and spank. Steady Shot took a turn for the more awesome this fight, pulling on average 2101 damage per shot. That is quite a jump in average damage.

Now given that, an entire Explosive Shot was, on average, only doing 2003 damage. Steady Shot, during this fight, did more damage than my 51-point talent. Auto Shot was doing roughly 1467 damage a shot. Now the only thing that changed between Anub’rekan and Grand Widow was that we replaced a Paladin with a Warrior. So I would suppose it is possible (without crunching any numbers) that Sunder Armor made this difference. And given the prevalence of Warriors, it goes a long way in saying what portion of our damage will be made up of Explosive Shots once debuffs are applied.

The final fight I did last night was Maexxna. And some very odd things popped up during this fight, some of which can be contributed to me being responsible for getting people out of the webs she spins. The first thing surprising to me was that Auto Shot made up the number one portion of my damage.

But then I remember I broke my 4-piece T6 bonus with Rusted-Link Spiked Gauntlets. During this fight it showed Steady Shot doing, on average, 1762 damage per shot. With my 4-piece bonus still intact, they would have done roughly 1939 damage. So was it worth using these gloves right away without gemming or enchanting them yet? Probably not, but given how much I am suffering from hit rating, the 34 on those gloves was hard to pass up. And this fight, a Death Knight topped the meter since I was scrambling to free folks, as I mentioned. But we were relatively close.

Explosive Shot isn’t impressive damage for being a 51-point talent but it gets the job done I suppose.My numbers weren’t impressive in my opinion. At all. A guildie on beta linked a Recount where he did 3600 on Patchwerk with all his new fangled raid gear and epic gun off of Kel’thuzad. And he was running as Marksmanship. To further confirm that, when I was invited to this Naxx I was doing some very rough DPS tests, and of the three specs MM was edging out BM. This was just a single session of DPS against a level 80 dummy and I was about to try Arena again so I didn’t run it multiple times. PvE is looking OK really. Explosive Shot isn’t impressive damage for being a 51-point talent but it gets the job done I suppose. Any other raids I go to will involve me being MM. Probably 53/18 or some such.

Thoughts, opinions, etc. Post ‘em!

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