Asking You: New Content Since the Patch?

Right now I am going over the new Cheeky’s Spreadsheet. It has changed a bit since Cheeky gave up the reins. I was directed by a poster on the “How To: Cheeky’s” about a version that seems the most up-to-date over at Elitist Jerks which you can find here. It seems to be the most updated version so with that, I am going to try and test it out, see how its working and give everyone a run down.

With that being said, while I do that, I thought I would turn today’s post towards you guys for it’s focus. I am curious what content people are trying to push through with the implementation of the new patch. Of course, that assumes your server stays up and instances don’t keep telling you “Transfer Aborted” like some of us. > >

We’ve heard the stories of Prince dying before two infernals die. PuGs on my server are making all the way to the Illidari Council in Black Temple. With the new specs and abilities in conjunction with the nerfed hitpoints of the bosses, are you trying to experience any new content in the last couple weeks before the expansion hits? If so, what new content have you had a chance to see or what item are you really hoping to get before Wrath hits?

Post your stories here! Tomorrow we will talk about the new Cheeky’s!

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